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Keriann MacElroy - Dream Factory Sleep Solutions
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Sleep is not a luxury. It is not a treat. It is not optional. Sleep is an absolute necessity and the most important way our bodies self-regulate and heal. If you have a child keeping you up at night, then that means neither one of you are getting the restorative sleep your bodies need. Our goal with every client is to help you and your child achieve your sleep goals in the gentlest, most respectful way possible, leading to long-term sleep success. Whether you are wanting to establish good sleep habits with your newborn, or wanting to help your older child sleep in their own room, there is a Dream Factory consultant ready to work one-on-one with you to help you achieve your sleep goals.

My Story

I’m Keriann MacElroy, founder of Dream Factory Sleep Solutions and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Through my experience in social work I’ve had the opportunity to counsel foster and adoptive families, teach parenting classes, and provide support for medically fragile children. My education and training emphasized early childhood development, understanding children with special needs, and implementing behavioral modification techniques. In 2018 I added Infant Mental Health training to my education as well.

In 2012 I took on the hardest role of my life, MOTHER! I read many books in preparation for my daughter’s birth and was thrilled to see that she was a textbook sleeper. I followed the books exactly, and she fell right in line, sleeping through the night by 9 weeks old! I felt like I had this sleeping baby thing licked! Lucky me!

When my son was born in 2015, I thought I knew exactly what to do to get him to follow in his big sister’s footsteps. But, parenting is a journey and with each child come new lessons. My son taught me that every child is an individual and cannot be put in a “box”, for sleeping or any other issue. Cursed with 20 minute naps and multiple wakings throughout the night, I was lost as to how to help him sleep better. We were both exhausted and grumpy! The most difficult part was seeing my easy-going little guy turn into a discontent baby. I knew he needed to sleep but just had no idea how to help him. I read more books, but with each plan I came to a point where he didn’t do exactly what the books said, so I was always left wondering “Is this working?”, “What do I do NOW?”

In my search for answers I stumbled across a Certified Sleep Consultant. I was skeptical at first, after all I’d already read all the books, but nothing was working and I was desperate enough to try anything. To my surprise, I saw results immediately! What I had been working months to accomplish, a sleep consultant helped me achieve in a matter of days. I can only describe my experience of working with a sleep consultant as utterly LIFE CHANGING! It’s the best decision I made for my son and for my family!

Conquering my son’s sleep challenges led me to pursue my new professional goal: to help other exhausted parents just like me. In 2016 I was selected to participate in a comprehensive training and mentorship program to receive my sleep consultant certification, and thus began my adventures in sleep consulting.

This parenting journey goes by quickly enough, you don’t want to be too tired to enjoy it! With my education, experience and training I will develop a customized sleep plan for YOUR child so that your family can finally get the sleep you are dreaming of!

Our Services

Maternity & Newborns

This package gives expectant parents and parents of newborns the tools they need for sleep success for their little one from day one, and avoid the sleep pitfalls that lead to those notorious sleepless nights all your friends are complaining about.


This package is specifically designed for babies 12 weeks – 18 months of age. The infant package is perfect for those parents who are tired of waking up in the middle of the night, desire for their baby to sleep independently, want to lengthen naps, or are just trying to get their little ones to sleep in their crib.

Toddlers & Big Kids

This package is ideal for the toddler, preschooler, or elementary age child who never quite got the hang of sleeping in their own bed, is still waking up multiple times a night, or other sleep struggles that come with age. It’s not too late to teach your child healthy, independent sleep skills!

Gift of Sleep

Looking for the perfect baby gift? The Gift of Sleep package is the gift that keeps on giving! This package is designed as a newborn education package to help new parents set their baby up for sleep success from day one.

Ask Me Anything

If you have already sleep trained your little one fairly successfully but still have questions, an "Ask Me Anything" call is for you! Whether you're just wondering how to tweak your baby's schedule, or if your toddler is ready to transition to a big bed, you can pick Keriann's brain with whatever sleep questions you have! This option is best used for children who already know how to fall asleep independently (without parents present or use of sleep props).

Book a Free Evaluation Call

Not sure where to begin or if our services are right for you? Start by booking a free evaluation call with one of our consultants. We'll chat through your specific situation, offer some tips you can implement today, and help you decide if one of our packages is the right fit for you.


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