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Eileen Henry - Compassionate Sleep Solutions
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Sleep is not a problem to be fixed. It is a developmental skill that is learned. Sleep is the side effect of what I teach and it can only occur in a relaxed and regulated nervous system.

I’m Eileen Henry. I am a RIE® Associate (rie.org) and one of the first “child sleep consultants” in the U.S., with 20 years of experience helping families worldwide achieve peaceful and lasting sleep. When you work with me, you get me — not a trainee or an associate. You also get my unique, effective approach to child sleep, not a method acquired from another expert.

As a sleep coach, I create custom solutions.​ I work one-on-one with parents and offer personal telephone support. Above all, I am your partner in a process essential to your family’s happiness and health.

My approach is gentle, honest, and realistic. I have created customized sleep solutions with a proven long-term track record. During this time, I have developed the best method for dealing with the child’s natural response when faced with changes. The child becomes an active participant in their own solutions, and the parent can respond lovingly and consistently as they support their child toward new habits.

The common thread of my results?

Compassion and co-regulation.

Crying is the parents’ first concern when making any sleep change. Mine is not a “cry it out” solution. But since crying is inevitable during the transition to better sleep, I teach parents how to calm the cry. My method assures that you and your child maintain and strengthen your bond.

The result is extraordinary. Your baby is sleeping through the night. You, the parent, have supported your child in learning an important life skill that will lead to lifelong well-being. Once the entire family can sleep through the night we thrive!

My programs are designed for children ages 0-5 years.

Sleep is an act of self love and the foundation of our well-being.

100% of families can improve sleep when they follow through with Compassionate Sleep Solutions. Crying is the number one reason why parents DON’T tackle sleep issues.

• As you know by now, the no cry sleep solution is a myth – for most babies.
• As you know by now the “cry-it-out” solution is a deal-breaker – for most mommies.

Crying is a reality and yet leaving a baby to cry alone is unnecessary.

My Cry Reduction Toolkit is unlike anything offered by any other sleep consultant.

Who benefits from phone support.

• Difficulty with naps or napping strikes.
• If one or both parents have anxiety depression or mood instability due to stress or diagnosed anxiety/depression.
• If you tried another sleep program and then resorted back to using a sleep crutch to “put your child to sleep.”
• If you used another sleep consultant and did not get the results you wanted.
• If there is still crying after one week of implementing your sleep plan.
• If you have returned to your sleep crutches.
• If you still have not implemented your sleep plan because you are too afraid of how your baby will react.
• If your toddler has decided that naps are not fitting into his play schedule.
• If you are about to transition your toddler out of the crib and into a bed.
• If you transitioned your toddler into a bed and she has become “free ranging” in the middle of the night.
• If your toddler has hijacked the ritual at night and you are ending up in other parts of the house (OR neighborhood), trying to meet one more request, in hopes that this will quell his insatiable appetite, for one more thing, so that he will go the F to sleep.

Being prepared.

• Preparation is key.
• How I prepare parents to prepare the child at any stage of development is unmatched.
• How I coach parents through to reducing the tears is the most unique part of the Compassionate Sleep Solution.

Dealing with the emotions that inspire crying is a life skill.


• Understand the Cry.
• Understand how the cry changes with development.
• Understand how preparation reduces crying.
• Understand how the self-soothing mechanism develops in your baby.
• Understand how self-soothing works with co-soothing (co-regulation.)
• Understand how parental self-soothing supports our child’s self-soothing.
• Understanding how and when to respond reduces crying.

If you are ready to make changes now - then it is time to schedule a call!

Book a FREE 20-minute complimentary consult today!

Website: https://CompassionateSleepSolutions.com

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