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Jake Devins

Ever wake up feeling like your throat just crossed a desert? It’s like a mystery, but turns out, it could be your meds or even stress causing it. And, hey, don’t ignore your hydration game – too much coffee or partying might be drying you out. If you’re a snorer or deal with sleep apnea, that might explain the morning parched vibes. Keep sipping water and maybe tweak that CPAP for a comfier sunrise! Have a good day. 


Wow, what a well-researched article. Waking up with a dry mouth is not always because you are just thirsty, but it could be a whole lot of different reasons. If I drink a glass or two of wine before bed, which I do if I am out, I always wake up with a dry mouth in the early hours of the morning, even if I drink a glass of water before bed. So clearly alcohol does not agree with me. My husband is always thirsty at night, but I didn’t realize it could be because of his sleep apnea. I must show him this article.


Your article is so comprehensive. All I can say is wow. You have given us so much insight that has to do with dry mouth and ultimately a soar throat. Breathing through your mouth when you sleep seems to be something that’s involuntary. It happens on its own. You don’t control it.  What can one do to stop himself from breathing through the mouth while asleep?

The other day my dentist told me to brush my teeth with warm salty water. Having adopted that, the other day I thought to myself, why not also gargle every day with this salty water. I used to have soar throat now and then, but since I adopted brushing my teeth with warm salty water and in that same process gargle with this warm salty water, I have not had sore throat. Something to consider. Thank you for sharing.