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My name is Stone Evans and I started my journey to better sleep after several years of learning about biohacking and taking steps to improve my health and performance in life.

The turning point that put sleep front and center for me is when I bought an Oura Ring and discovered how poorly I was sleeping at night. Without the feedback from this sleep tracker I knew I wasn’t sleeping great, but I was shocked at how much time I was actually awake throughout the night. On average, I was awake 2-3 more hours than I was actually sleeping…

I believe sleep is the most important thing a person can optimize to improve their health, energy levels, personal vitality and positive outcomes in life. If you aren’t sleeping and recovering well every day, you are paying a huge price that will certainly cost you years of your life, and a massive loss of quality as well.

I started SleepCoaching.com after deciding to make it my lifelong mission to improve and optimize my sleep and recovery. I enrolled in a sleep coach certification training course so that I could gain more knowledge and strategies to help myself and others. Along the way, I discovered that there are thousands of highly qualified sleep coaches out there who are doing amazing work to help other people sleep better.

I then decided to dedicate this website to help more people find and connect with the best sleep coaches in the world, and the vast knowledge, wisdom and strategies they provide to help people get better sleep.

This starts with building one of the most comprehensive directories of sleep coaches in the world which you will find HERE. We also provide opportunities for sleep coaching professionals to gain more exposure to our growing network with our Featured Listing program. Check out our Featured Sleep Coaches here.

In addition to the world’s largest sleep coaching directory, I’m also working with some of the top sleep experts and coaches to help them share their knowledge with you directly on SleepCoaching.com in the form of articles, videos and more. Stay tuned and watch for developments as there will be many to come!

Here’s to sleep! What a miracle it is! 🙂


Stone Evans, Founder
Stone Evans

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If you have any questions, contact me anytime.

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