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Colleen Garland - Love Sleep Grow
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Welcome to Love Sleep Grow. I help families get the sleep they need, using personalized sleep coaching methods. If you’re exhausted and sleep-deprived, then you’ve come to the right place!

I work with parents to trouble-shoot their children’s sleep issues, such as sleep regressions, nap transitions, preparing for a new baby, moving to a big kid bed, and many more.

I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to helping your child sleep. My job is to develop a workable plan for your family, help you implement your plan, and encourage you along the way.

I’m a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. My first daughter showed me what it truly felt like to be sleep-deprived. She was a strong-willed infant with reflux and colic and I was a first time mom with little knowledge or support. I had spent my pregnancy just being so focused on being pregnant that I really hadn’t done any research on how to get my baby to sleep. I honestly thought I would just figure it out as we went along and that the old saying “sleep like a baby” meant that babies were actually easy to put to sleep. After four months of constant night wakings, short catnaps, motion sleep, sleeping in our arms, popping her pacifier back in, I finally broke. My body physically couldn’t soothe her anymore- I got very sick, as most sleep-exhausted people do, and ended up in the hospital for a week with pneumonia and sepsis. This was truly the awakening I needed. Soothing my daughter and not letting her learn to sleep was not helping any of us. I reached out to a sleep consultant and she guided me through the process, while providing encouragement and knowledge.

Working with a sleep consultant changed our lives in amazing ways- we were all healthier, happier, and didn’t dread nap and bedtimes anymore. I knew from this experience that I also wanted to help families get the sleep they all deserve. I have received my certification as a pediatric sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. I’m passionate about children’s sleep and am excited to share my knowledge with you! I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach and take the time to cater to each family’s unique situation.

Let’s do a free 15 min intro call before purchasing a package!

You can tell me more of what’s going on, I’ll describe my part, and we’ll make sure we’re a good fit for each other!


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