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Jessica Begley, MPH - The Baby Sleep Geek
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After many years of working in the field of maternal and child health, my world was rocked when I brought home my own sleepless newborn. I soon discovered that even the most competent, confident person can feel insecure and alone when faced with the challenges of being a sleep-deprived new parent.

I founded The Baby Sleep Geek in 2014 as a forum to build parents’ confidence in their ability to parent at night with empathy, respect, and resolve. I believe that children have the innate ability to sleep and that it is parents’ responsibility to support and guide them as they work through the struggle that comes with learning new skills and expectations.

“My approach isn’t about training your child to sleep. It’s about building confidence in your ability to meet your child’s sleep needs with empathy, respect, and resolve. ~Jessica

While I may be a sleep expert, you are the expert in your family.
I’ll provide the evidence-informed recommendations and partner with you to align them with your baby’s needs, parenting style, and family goals. The result is a customized approach for healthy sleep that is unique to your family.

I understand sleep problems rarely occur in a vacuum.
Sleep concerns are often complicated by breastfeeding problems, separation anxiety, or behavioral challenges. My background in lactation, health behavior change, and maternal and child health equips me for addressing a wide range of night time parenting concerns.

I’ll be your coach, confidant, cheerleader, and celebrator of success.
I supply the tools, make them easy to understand and use, and then provide the support to turn knowledge into results. This compassionate accountability and guidance is something you can’t get from a book, website, or well-meaning advice-givers.

Meet Jessica Begley, MPH - Founder, Principal Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Certified Lactation Counselor

I’ve been that tired mom…
When I had my first child, I didn’t realize how important a healthy foundation for sleep was. Like so many families, we struggled with early morning wake ups, frequent night wakings, and sleep terrors. I read numerous sleep books by the most popular, well-regarded sleep experts. The varying opinions were overwhelming. I was sleep deprived and just couldn’t make sense of it all. What I really wanted was someone to hold my hand and guide me through the process. I realized that there was nowhere in Maine to turn for this type of personalized attention.

I created The Baby Sleep Geek to change this…
Since then I have become trained as a child sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute. This evidence-based training has given me the knowledge to help your entire family get better rested. I also have a master’s degree in public health with a concentration in maternal and child health and am a certified lactation counselor. I have spent the past 13 years teaching childbirth education, infant care, and breastfeeding. Simply stated, helping new families thrive is my passion.

Training and Certifications

• Masters in Public Health in Health Behavior/Health Education with a concentration in maternal & child health
• Certified Sleep Consultant
• Certified Lactation Counselor
• “The Incidence, Pathophysiology and Treatment GERD During Infancy” – with Dr. Warren Shapiro
• Infant Mental Health Promotion by the International Mental Health Institute (in progress)
• Sleep and Facial Growth in the Young Child, With Dr. Barry Raphael, an Integrative Orthodontist
• PEAK Parenting by Sarah MacLaughlin


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