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Jake Devins

Insomnias is no joke. It’s something that I have struggled with my entire life. I think it can be also genetic. What helped me was seeing a doctor and that is what I would recommend also. But outside of that these are some excellent tips. I find personally that I like to read a boring book. That can always help. Get a book on investing and that’ll put you to sleep 😉


Well, I might just have to follow this page. 🙂

There is a lot of useful information, especially for one who suffers from both sleep apnea and insomnia. Your sleep therapy looks to be very helpful, and the success rates are inspiring. I will certainly be mindful of a sleep coach as an option in the near future. I have never heard of one before reading your articles!

All the best,

Michelle – Eco TIGA


Interesting article. Not sure I had heard about CBT-I until I read this. Not sure I have had chronic issues with insomnia, but it’s good to know there are non-medicated alternatives out there. It make sense, since a lot of it is probably (as you point out) in the psychiatric realm, as well as the somatic. Correcting those issue with the right therapy could make the difference for those struggling.