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Anna Eriksson - Ross Valley Sleep
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Hi, and thanks for visiting! My name is Anna and I’m a Certified Child Sleep Consultant. I love helping families get the rest they so desperately want and need as new (or not so new!) parents.

Ok, lets be real...Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations ?

• Your six month old is still waking up every two hours EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?
• Your nine month old is only falling asleep if he/she is nursed to sleep?
• Your one year old is struggling to take consistent, physically restorative naps?
• Your two year old is not sleeping well since their new sibling arrived?
• Your three year old is constantly climbing into your bed in the middle of the night?

These are all NORMAL family sleep issues and the good news is that they can be addressed and solved quickly!

How I Help

As a holistically-based Child Sleep Consultant, I offer a wide variety of sleep solutions that are tailored to your individual needs as a family. Here are my main three services:

• Two Week Sleep Solution

1) We have our discovery call where you can explain your family’s sleep issues and I explain how I can help you!
2) You fill out an intake form and we schedule an hour long meeting to discuss what kinds of support and solution are best for your family.
3) I send you your child’s personalized Sleep Plan, access to your private Sleep Log, and other support tools
4) Our two week process of working together begins when you are ready and we are in communication every day so I can help you implement your sleep plan as effectively as possible. (A no support package is also available) Many times we see huge progress in a few days!

• One Week Support Solution

One week support packages for returning clients who may need occasional help getting back on the successful sleep track

• Phone or Zoom Consultation

I offer half an hour/ hour long phone or zoom consultations where you can ask me anything related to your child’s sleep issues; and I’ll provide you with the answers you need.

As a Parent, DayCare Owner, Preschool Teacher, and Professional Nanny with over 25 years experience with all ages, I KNOW ALL THINGS SLEEP! I’ve seen it all and off completely non-judgemental, safe, and attentive support to all families. Let’s have a discovery call and I can help you too!


Why I Chose To Be Certified by the Family Sleep Institute

• The Family Sleep Institute is the school that pioneered the Child Sleep Consulting industry. FSI provides comprehensive, evidence-based curricula and practical experience to its Child Sleep Consultant Certification program so that graduates can be best equipped to help sleep-challenged families.
• FSI provides 250+ hours of coursework focused on the science of sleep and how to help families navigate through sleep issues. (More than 3 times the amount of coursework than other schools)
• FSI provides training in many different methods that are inclusive of ALL parenting styles, beliefs, and values.
• FSi’s coursework involves training with actual families
• FSI’s curriculum includes reading numerous current books on sleep science and training. This gives the student a well rounded education to implement a holistic, personalized sleep plan for every family they work with.
• All FSI students have previously completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PHD degree and must take Continuing Education Credits every year to remain certified.
• The founder of The Family Sleep Institute, Deborah Pedrick, is the co-founder of the International Association for Child Sleep Consultants, and her extensive experience and teaching have set the gold standard in the Child Sleep Consulting industry

It’s important to know that the sleep consulting industry is not regulated so it’s good to keep this in mind when hiring a sleep consultant!

Worried About Sleep Training?

Do you desperately want overall better sleep quality for you and your family but are worried that sleep training is “too harsh” and could negatively affect your children?

The term “sleep training” seems to have gotten a bad rap lately; and I’m happy to tell you that, during my years of experience, I have seen so many positive outcomes come from the various types of sleep training that I specialize in.

Sleep training is about gently guiding your child in learning the skill of sleeping independently, not about your child crying and feeling abandoned. Once they can master this skill, they are happier, more well rested and everything just somehow seems easier!

I offer a variety of sleep training methods so you can choose the best one that suits the needs of your family. Most importantly, I CARE about families and love to see them thriving after I’ve worked with them. If you’d like to learn more feel free to message or email me (link in bio) and we can set up a free 15 minute consultation!

Sleep Services

Expectant Parent and Newborn Consultation

• 1 hour Facetime or phone call explaining how to form healthy sleep practices in the beginning of your child’s life, including safe sleep guidelines, sleep hygiene and strategies to maintaining healthy sleep habits.
• Email with newborn sleep recommendations previously talked about in our call.
• 3 follow up emails whenever you have questions about your newborn's sleep

One Week Support Package (4 months or older)

• New Client intake form
• One hour Facetime or phone call consultation
• Personalized sleep plan written specifically for your child
• One week of follow up support with unlimited phone and email support
• Access to private interactive online sleep log

Two Week Support Package (Four months or older)

• New Client intake form
• One hour Facetime or phone call consultation
• Personalized sleep plan written specifically for your child
• Two weeks of follow up support with unlimited phone and email support
• Access to private interactive online sleep log


Let’s have a conversation about your child's sleep! So much can be learned in a just a few minutes!

• 30 Minute Ask Me Anything Session or Returning Client Refresher Call
• One Hour Consultation

Need help figuring out how to get your family feeling more well rested? Let’s talk about all things sleep and make a plan that will get you there quickly!

Book a free 15 minute Discovery Call with me and I can tell you about how I can help you and your family get a better night’s sleep!


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