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Hello, Parents of Little Ones! My name is Jessica Vonada! I have always had a passion for children, especially babies! My initial work with infants was in the setting of an early learning center from 2005-2009 while I was in college earning a B.S. in Elementary Education and M.S. in Education, specializing in ESL. After graduating in 2009, I taught for 2 years before realizing working with infants was my true calling. In 2011, I began working in the role of a Newborn Care Specialist, primarily with preemies & twins. From May 2015 until July 2017, I had the privilege of caring for orphaned & abandoned infants and toddlers in a baby home in Uganda. And in 2018, I received my certification as an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist.

My journey to becoming a child sleep consultant began in 2012. At that time I was in a 24-hour care position with a set of twins. Initially, their sleep seemed fairly on track, but after hitting the 4-month sleep regression, their sleep quickly began to unravel. By 6 months of age, they were waking every 1-2 hours each night and the mom decided it was time to bring in a sleep consultant. I was skeptical, to say the least! Much to my disbelief, within a few days, they were sleeping 12 uninterrupted hours at night and began taking age-appropriate naps. After that, I had to know more! And in 2016, I graduated from the Family Sleep Institute as a Certified Child Sleep Consultant.

As I continued as a Newborn Care Specialist and Child Sleep Consultant, I realized I was not always able to advise and assist lactating and postpartum moms the way I would have liked to. I wanted to become more balanced and be able to provide holistic support to the families I was caring for. As a result, I took the necessary steps to become a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Certified Postpartum Doula. And currently, I am pursuing the journey to becoming an IBCLC.

I have a true passion for what I do and would love to help you and your family get the sleep you need!

Sleep Services

Basic Sleep Package

This package is for little ones over 4 months old to help them sleep through the night and take age-appropriate naps.


• 1 Hour Phone Consult
• Written Sleep Plan
• 2 Weeks Unlimited Text & Email Support

Newborn Healthy Sleep Habits Package

This package is for newborns (under 4 months) to get off to a great start with healthy sleep habits.


• 45 Minute Phone Consult (can be broken up)
• Customized Sleep Tips
• Newborn Info Sheet
• Unlimited Email & Text support until 4 months old

Premium Sleep Package

This package is to help you start healthy sleep habits from day 1 and carry you through until your little one is sleeping through the night and even help you through any rough transitions.


• 45 Minute Newborn Phone Consult
• Newborn Info Sheet
• Customized Sleep Tips
• 1 Hour Phone Consult (after the baby reaches 4 Months)
• Written Sleep Plan
• Unlimited Text & Email Support

Tune-Up Sleep Package

This package is for families who have previously worked with Good Morning Sunshine but whose little ones have been thrown off by travel or transitions and need some support to get back on track.


• 20 Minute Phone Consult
• Follow Up Notes
• 1 Week Email/Text Support

Newborn Care Services

On average babies can sleep through the night at 4 months old. But what do you do during those stressful sleepless nights before that? As a Newborn Care Specialist I can provide overnight, daytime or 24 hour care depending on your family’s needs. I will help implement good sleep habits as you guide your little one towards sleeping through the night.

If you are interested in more information please contact me and I will be in touch with you shortly.

Thanks for your interest in Good Morning Sunshine!


Good Morning Sunshine


Jessica is absolutely incredible. She has helped us manage both our children’s sleep from a very young age. With our son, she helped to get him from taking 45-minute naps to 1.5-2 hour naps starting at 4 months. She helped with every sleep regression and transition as he was always mind-boggling early. With our daughter, who has been a fairly easy child when it comes to sleeping until it’s not, she worked with me to figure out the right training methods. What worked with our son didn’t work with our daughter. She is always very responsive and always checks in with how things are going and to see if we need anything. With both kids, we signed up for her package with unlimited text/email and it is worth every cent. I didn’t even think 2x with our 2nd if we were going to have Jessica along for the ride for the first year. You shouldn’t either.

Megan Wyand | December 22, 2023

My wife and I were skeptical when Jessica assured us our daughter would be sleeping through the night during our initial consultation. We had successfully sleep trained our first daughter but despite repeated tries, our 2nd daughter was waking up 3 times a night at 8 months. Jessica created a clear plan and offered lots of very responsive communication and our daughter is now the best sleeper in the house. And thanks to her help, the two girls now even share a room. Highly recommended!

Bill Holland | December 22, 2023

Jessica is absolutely amazing! We had her come for our first 4 nights home with our newborn and she put us completely at ease. She talked us through everything from the nursery set up to the best ways to keep our baby safe, comfortable, and happy which, as first-time parents, gave us complete confidence and made something that seemed so daunting feel like second nature. When our baby was 4 months old, we had Jessica create a sleep training plan based on an in-depth conversation and questionnaire that resulted in a comprehensive plan, that we were completely comfortable with, to get our girl on a nap and feeding schedule, and sleeping through the night. Within a day she was already taking naps on schedule, and by 2 weeks she slept through the night from 7 pm - 6 am! Raising a baby and sleep training can feel very challenging, but not if you have Jessica helping you! We recommend her without hesitation to everyone we meet - and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact her either! We even have a picture of her with our baby so we can tell her all about Jessica as she grows up! Thanks so much, Jessica, from the bottom of our hearts!

Emily Osherson | December 22, 2023

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