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Well done! Your article on the benefits of napping and the insightful tips for effective napping is a much-needed guide in a world that often undervalues the power of a good nap. I learned so much and now understand how to build a better napping habit. I used to nap quite a bit, but I had a lot of sleeping problems at night due to it. It was definitely because I napped too long (1-2 hours) and too late in the day.

Jake Devins

Hey, this article on napping is a total game-changer for me! Who knew that those midday siestas could come with such awesome perks.

Reading about the benefits and tips has me seriously considering turning my desk into a cozy nap nook. Now all I need is my snuggle blanket and teddy bear right? 😉

Have a good one. 


Glad to have come across your article on napping benefits and tips. I had read somewhere else that 20-30 minutes was a good nap length and not to be too long or you wake up feeling groggy. How you explain it in terms of the stages of the sleep cycle makes sense. I didn’t expect that during a 20-30 minute nap that stage 3 and REM sleep was possible.

Either way, I do wake up refreshed after a nap and really enjoy any days where I can have a nap. (Un)fortunately I had a virus for a full 7-8 days recently and enjoyed a nap everyday. Essential for recovery in my opinion.

I like to have a nap and then some 70-90% cocoa chocolate and a cup of tea to enjoy!