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Sleep Better with Sleep Coaching
Sleep Better with Sleep Coaching

Welcome to SleepCoaching.com, the top online resource for sleep coaching, sleep training and certified sleep coaches. If you want to get better sleep or help your children and other family members sleep better, you’ve come to the right place. Explore articles from our sleep experts, find a sleep coach in our directory and join discussions inside our better sleep community.

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Start Working with a Sleep Coach

If you want to find a sleep coach to help you sleep better, we encourage you to browse our sleep coaching directory where you will discover hundreds of qualified sleep coaches who are ready to help you right now. Whether it’s online or in person, or whether it’s for you or for a member of your family such as your child; sleep coaching can help you quickly identify the factors that are causing poor sleep and guide you to the most effective actions you can implement immediately to start sleeping better.

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What is a sleep coach?

Sleep Coaches are Part of a Healthcare Team
Sleep Coaches are Part of a Healthcare Team

A sleep coach is an individual/healthcare practitioner that understands sleep, recovery, and circadian biology all through the lens of behavioral coaching. They’re a valuable member of the healthcare team who guides clients to behavior and lifestyle changes that will improve their sleep and ability to recover. A certified sleep coach understand their scope of practice, can appropriately screen for red flags and knows how and when to refer their clients to other healthcare professionals.

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You can search by sleep problem, Name, Address, State, Zip Code or other criteria to find a sleep coach.

Latest Sleep Expert Articles

We regularly publish articles for our community from our sleep experts. They are certified sleep coaches and medical professionals who volunteer their knowledge and experience to help others sleep better here on our site. Please review our latest sleep expert articles below, and feel free to post your comments also.

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Sleep News

Sleep is making headlines every day. From top news websites to popular blogs, the high value of sleep is being talked about everywhere. Below you’ll find our daily dose of the latest hot topic sleep articles from around the web. We invite you to read them, share them and even embed them on your own website. 🙂

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Why We Sleep

Watch the video below from neuroscientist Matthew Walker to discover the power of sleep and why it is the single most important thing that you can improve to optimize your health, wellbeing and results in life.

Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker
Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker