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Before she was “The Sleep Lady,” Kim West was a lot like you: Tired.

A family therapist and busy working mom, Kim dreamed of a deep, restful sleep. While conventional wisdom promoted a cry-it-out approach to sleep training, Kim knew that was not her style. Over time, she gently helped her first daughter get to sleep, fine-tuning a process over the years which later became a world-renowned sleep method that has helped over 1 million families finally get some rest. Because no two children are alike, Kim tailored her method for her second daughter, who suffered from silent reflux. Friends and friends of friends began calling Kim for sleep help. With each family she helped, she grew and learned and modified her method.

Kim has gained international recognition as an expert on baby and child sleep, earning the title The Sleep Lady, a nick-name bestowed on her by one of her well-rested clients. Her step-by-step method, known as The Sleep Lady Shuffle™, has empowered hundreds of thousands of families to find gentle, customized sleep solutions—and get some rest.

Kim has authored multiple books including the groundbreaking The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle, Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well Without Leaving Them to Cry It Out. She has offered her expertise on national television programs including Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and more.

The Sleep Lady Shuffle is designed to teach your child an important lifelong skill: putting themselves to sleep. We believe in responsive parenting, which means as we teach this skill, there is a balance between comforting a child and allowing them to learn to comfort themselves.

With the Sleep Lady Shuffle, we won’t promise you no tears, but we do aim for fewer tears, and we’ll never tell you to just shut the door and let your child cry alone in the dark. Responding to a cry is a nonnegotiable for us when sleep coaching with the Shuffle. By being present and emotionally available we reduce stress on ourselves and on our children so they can ease into sleeping and become a solid sleeper for life.

Part of the mission of the Sleep Lady Shuffle is to ease your concern about your child’s crying and help you see that it’s a way your child communicates with you. The Sleep Lady Shuffle isn’t a drastic, cry-it-out approach; it guides parents through step-by-step changes in bedtime, napping, and overnight routines that haven’t been working. It’s gentle sleep coaching and is family-centric, allowing parents to consider their values, philosophies, lifestyles, goals and temperaments. It works because it is not a one-size-fits-all concept.

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