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Natalie Carney - Slumberosity
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Slumberosity is an infant and toddler sleep consulting company located in Atlanta, GA.

We specialize in helping families solve their child’s sleep challenges with methods that both empower parents and help enable children to be the best little sleepers possible. We work with each family to create customized sleep plans that fit both your parenting style as well as the needs of your baby.

Natalie Carney is an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant trained through the Family Sleep Institute.

For the last 14 + years, she has worked with countless families as a preschool teacher, Nanny, and Newborn Care Specialist. One common challenge these families face is sleep or shall we say the lack of sleep.

There never seems to be enough sleep to go around but Natalie’s mission is to help every family reach their goal of sleeping through the night.

Now to give you a little background about Natalie…

• She’s the oldest of 4 children
• She graduated from GA Southern University in 2001 with a BS degree in Child and Family Development
• She holds a Newborn Care Specialist certification and is also a trainer
• She is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant.
• She is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor

Is your baby waking up multiple times a night? Is your child a short napper? Have you read every book possible but nothing is working?

You’re not alone. There are many parents who find it difficult to find the right solution to help their babies get a good night’s sleep. Slumberosity offers families the sleep solutions they want and need to make it through these sleep obstacles.

Basic Sleep Package

The Basic Sleep Package provides parents with a practical start to sleep training. It’s a wonderful choice for those families who need some guidance on which direction to go but are confident they can implement a plan on their own.

This package includes:

• Detailed sleep intake
• 30-minute Q and A
• A customized sleep plan
• 3 days of email support

Foundations Sleep Package

Our Foundations Sleep Package is a great option for parents who are at their wit’s end and feel like they have tried everything to help their child sleep. This package helps us as a team get to the bottom of your child’s sleep issues and begin to build a new way of sleeping for your whole family.

This package includes:

• Detailed Sleep Intake
• 55-minute Phone Consultation
• A customized sleep plan
• 2 weeks of daily interactive sleep log support (M-F)




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