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Dr. Rebecca Kempton, M.D. - Baby Sleep Pro
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Hi, I'm Dr. Rebecca Kempton, M.D. and certified pediatric sleep specialist.

After graduating from Dartmouth College, summa cum laude, with a B.A. in psychology and Cornell Medical School with an M.D., I worked for several years as a medical director for health care technology and pharmaceutical companies. Then because of my personal experience, I decided to launch my own business to help families globally get sleep and became certified as an pediatric sleep specialist sleep consultant.

As a board member of the American Sleep Association, and of the Family Sleep Institute, I consult with an experienced global team of sleep experts, doctors, and therapists; we share the latest developments in sleep research, diet and nutrition, postpartum depression, breastfeeding challenges, infant reflux, and safety issues. Through my medical network, I also partner with childhood experts from across the country as advisors who consult on unusual problems.

Though I am based in Chicago, I have helped over 2,000 families in 14 countries, 35 states, and 5 continents achieve better sleep in under two weeks. I can help you too!

Sleep deprived because your child won’t sleep?

I was in your shoes:

When my first son was born, eight years ago, it seemed like he never slept, and neither did I. I was in an eternal daze and saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Desperate to help my son sleep, I devoured every baby sleep book I could find, meticulously following their ‘tips for sleep success’, but to no avail. My child just didn’t get the sleep thing. I didn’t either. What I longed for was a lifeline–someone who could sympathize with my plight and tell me exactly what to do! I was willing to try anything, as long as it worked to help him sleep better.

After much persistence and patience and study, I was finally successful with my first child and continued to hone my skills with my second and third child, as well as on babies and toddlers of friends who asked for help.

Then I decided to make it my mission to help others who shared my frustrations:

• Overwhelmed by sleep deprivation.
• Frustrated by conflicting information.
• Determined to help their child sleep better.

Our Mission:

• To help you and your family get the sleep you need!
• To educate and guide you to instill healthy sleep habits as early as possible, to help alleviate stress associated with sleeplessness, and to allay your fears about helping your child sleep independently.
• To shout from mountaintops, or at least from places like my blogs in the Huffington Post, that with the right recipe, sleep problems are fixable, no matter how hopeless they may seem.
• To teach you that sleep training or sleep learning, is never one size fits all. When someone asks me what method I use, I always answer, “It depends on your goals and your baby’s temperament.”
• To demystify the conflicting, and confusing advice about how to get your baby and toddler to sleep.
• To provide scientific evidence about the benefits of sleep both for brain and body development.
• To create easy to follow, customized, step by step plans based on proven methods and thousands of successful outcomes.
• To coach you every step of the way to sleep success.

Simply, to be the sleep lifeline that I once desperately longed for.

Contact me for a free initial consultation.

Website: https://BabySleepPro.com

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