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Jake Devins

I definitely agree about the whole temperature thing affecting your sleep. What I personally like to do is keep a fan by my bed. It is like a 3 foot tall fan that I just keep on all day and night. I don’t tend to have too much of an issue except obviously when it gets too cold or too hot it’s almost impossible to sleep well. Pleasant dreams.

Grant Rayner

I wanted to see your site because I am one of those people who like it very cool. If a room is above 70 degrees F I have a hard time getting to sleep. Even in a colder room I have to keep my feet outside the blankets.

Your subject matter is probably going to attract a lot of people to your content, probably more than one might expect. I see that you are one who has spent some time staring at the ceiling!  

I like the way you have documented your sources. Your choice of colors and imagery I found to be quite pleasing. Your treatment of the content presented conveyed a tone of someone who is familiar with the issues. In addition, your presentation also conveyed to the reader that you are someone who genuinely cares about her audience and the issues with which they wrestle.

Nicely done!



Finding the sweet spot for sleep is a journey, isn’t it? This read on bedroom temperatures and bedding choices hit close to home. I’ve always wondered about that magic number for the thermostat. Turns out, it’s not one-size-fits-all; our ideal sleep cocoon might be as unique as we are. I was very interested when the study with older adults was mentioned, showing how room temperatures below 68 or above 77 degrees played tricks on their sleep. Who would’ve thought our bedrooms were such temperature-sensitive havens?