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Shelby O'Brien - Renewed Rhythms Sleep Consulting
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Are you ready to start sleeping through the night again?

The Consultant

As a foster mom, teacher, and nanny, I’ve seen the effects that poor sleep can play in the lives of families. I’ve also seen the change that occurs when sleep rhythms are renewed and good sleep begins! If your child is struggling with disconnected sleep, early wake ups, late nights, or something else, visit the Sleep Services page to schedule a consultation and see if sleep training is right for your family.

The Approach

While “cry-it-out” is typically what is thought of when someone mentions sleep training, that does not have to be the case. Every child is different and each sleep plan is personally designed to meet the unique needs of your child and your parenting style. I will walk you through all of your sleep training options and, together we will choose the best one for your child and your family.

The Details

The needs of each child and each family are different. There are several different plans available in order to meet you where you are. Whether you only have a few questions or you’d like a detailed plan with weeks of support, there is a plan for you!

Why should I sleep train my child?

Does your baby, toddler, or child have trouble falling asleep independently? Do they wake up frequently during the night or very early in the morning? Do they take short naps or have trouble staying asleep? We can help! At Renewed Rhythms we use evidenced based sleep training to help you and your little one get great sleep!

Does sleep training actually work?

Yes! There are many different reasons why sleep may be disrupted- illness, travel, time change, developmental leaps, progressions (more commonly known as regressions). We will work with your family to identify the cause of the sleep issues and create a personalized, evidenced based sleep plan. We have different levels of sleep services based on the level of support you need.

Sleep Services

Newborn (0-16 Weeks)

You’ve just brought home your new little bundle of joy. But now what?

This plan includes:

• Up to a 45 minute phone call walking you through newborn sleep for the first 16 weeks and answers to all of your newborn sleep questions
• An email recap of our phone call so you don’t have to take any notes
• 10 followup emails to be used anytime, up to your baby’s 16 week birthday

The Basics (Newborn - School Age)

Have you done sleep training previously? Just have a few questions about timing, naps, healthy sleep habits, etc? This is the plan for you!

This plan includes:

• Up to a 45 minute phone call, answering all your sleep questions
• An email recap so you don’t have to take any notes

A Little More (4 Months - School Age)

You know your little one is capable of sleep, but lately things just seem a bit off. If you’ve sleep trained before or you are familiar with sleep training basics but you just need a little guidance, this is the plan for you.

This plan includes:

• Up to a 30 minute phone call to discuss your sleep needs and concerns
• A detailed and personalized sleep plan and up to a 30 minute phone call to answer any questions about the plan
• Two follow up emails to answer any questions that may arise as you implement the sleep plan (to be used within two weeks of the initial phone consult)

All In (4 Months - School Age)

You are ready for big changes and you don’t know where to begin! You want all the help and support you can get.

This plan includes:

• Up to a 30 minute phone call to discuss your sleep needs and goals
• A detailed and personalized sleep plan and 15 minute phone call to answer any questions about the plan
• Unlimited email and text support for two weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is sleep training important?

Sleep is necessary for growth and development. Just like your baby will learn to crawl, she also needs to learn healthy sleep habits. Sleep is an essential time for brain growth, brain development, and the retention of memories and learned skills. Research has shown that sleep plays a direct role in mood, attention, resiliency, memory, learning, executive functioning, and so much more.

How long is the sleep training process?

Like with any new skill being learned, sleep training takes time. I recommend at least two weeks of uninterrupted time to devote to sleep training. Uninterrupted meaning no overnight guests, no late night events, no travel, etc. Some babies and children may take longer than this, depending on the temperament of the baby and the sleep method.

I don’t want to let my child cry it out. Are there other methods?

Absolutely! Your child is unique and deserves a sleep plan tailored just for him, to meet him where he is. That being said, I cannot guarantee there won’t be any tears. This is likely to be a big transition for him and that can be scary, or he may simply not like the change in routine. This is totally normal! Even as adults, we don’t love change; the difference is we have the ability to vocalize our thoughts and feelings. Think of it this way: your toddler asks for cake for breakfast. You know that cake is not going to hold him over for all the fun things you have planned for the day. You know it’s not a healthy food for him to start off the day with. You show him the delicious, healthy meal you have prepared for him, but he drops to the floor and the tantrum begins. While we hate to see our children cry, we can’t always protect them from it. What I can assure you of though, is this too will pass. While he may fight the sleep plan initially, he will settle in and you will all begin sleeping again.

What if the plan doesn’t work?

Sleep training is not for every family, and that’s okay! Not only is it a big change for baby, it’s a big change for the caregivers. If you’re not sure, schedule a free “What is Sleep Training?” consultation and we can discuss!

For those who are ready, with consistency, love, and patience, it will work!

What if my baby gets sick during the process?

As a mom, I know sickness happens and it can disrupt sleep like nothing else! If this happens, we can review and pause if necessary.

How old does my child have to be?

While healthy sleep habits can begin right after birth, we should not expect a child to sleep through the night until around 6 months of age (adjusted). While it can happen for some babies, many babies are not ready to drop those midnight feedings until then. That being said, we can certainly get baby on a schedule with more consolidated sleep so she isn’t feeding all night long.
It’s also never too late to start sleep training!

I just started potty training my toddler. Can we start sleep training?

The simple answer, no. Potty training and sleep training are big transitions. You and your toddler will have much better results with both if you focus on one at a time, though order doesn’t matter!

My children share a room. Can we still sleep train?

Yes! While it may take a little longer, it can absolutely be done!

Should I sleep train my twins/multiples one at a time or at the same time?

At the same time! Getting twins on the same schedule can be a game changer for you as a caregiver!

Do you offer in person services?

At this time, all services are via phone and email. Video chat can be arranged if that is preferred. Through our time together, you will gain all the tools necessary to get baby sleep independently.

Not sure if sleep training is right for your family?

Schedule a free consultation.

Your free consultation includes up to a 15 minute phone call to discuss the sleep training process to see if sleep training if right for your family.

Are you ready to sleep again? Let’s learn about your family’s sleep needs and goals and come up with a personalized sleep plan that fits your little one’s needs as well as your parenting and personality style.


Renewed Rhythms Sleep Consulting


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