Lauren Ziegler – Private Sleep Coaching

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Lauren Ziegler - Private Sleep Coaching


Personalized, intentional sleep coaching with a skilled expert for immediate, sleep improvement and lasting effects.

Lauren Ziegler is a leader in the field of mindfulness and sleep. She’s been coaching individuals on sleep for 11 years and loves helping even the most hopeless insomniacs that have been on sleeping pills for 25 years.

• Board-certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and holds a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in mindfulness
• Works on behavioral sleep medicine in collaboration with Dr. Naureen Shaikh MD, FAAFP, MBA
• A continuous learner, receiving 30+ hours per year in education on the latest research in sleep science

She does sleep presentations for doctors with the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM).

She is on the Center for Mindfulness leadership team at Colorado State University and is teaching sleep skills across campus.

Lauren has guided over 3.7 million people to sleep on popular meditation apps and online and specializes in Yoga Nidra, an ancient form of sleep meditation used to reduce physical, emotional and mental suffering.


Falling asleep

Learn to process your day, let go of thinking, calm your busy mind and drift peacefully into sleep in less than 15 minutes

Waking up a lot

Become undisturbed by waking up throughout the night and have useful tools to bring yourself right back to sleep

Sleep anxiety

When you worry about your sleep and stress over whether or not you’ll get it, it makes it even worse, break the cycle!

Daytime tiredness

If you’re sleeping fine but not feeling refreshed, we’ll do a full sleep optimization process to enhance your wakefulness


• Review your Sleep Assessment for insights and root causes of your insufficient sleep
• Create a personalized program for you that is realistic, doable and will help to resolve your issues with sleep
• Hold the intention for undisturbed, satisfying sleep, while looking at what changes will make the biggest difference
• Go deep into Yoga Nidra journeys designed specifically for you to work through internal factors that disrupt your sleep
• Gain lifelong body/mind skills to process the day, let go into rest mode and optimize your deep sleep cycles


Resolve insomnia

Sleep education and one-on-one behavioral coaching for workers with insomnia was shown to decrease average PSQI scores by 1.0, an indication of significant sleep quality improvements.

Be your best self

Sleep coaching for patients in a primary care practice resulted in an improved sleep quality score (P=0.16), along with a trend towards decreased fatigue and having more energy.

Enjoy your mood

A 3 month sleep coaching program showed improvements in sleep that impacted mood by reducing levels of depressive symptoms, pain severity, perceived stress and PTSD symptoms.

Stop the pills

With sleep coaching, you discover the underlying causes of your sleep issues. It’s proven more effective than medications. Doctors have now been advised to prescribe behavioral and mindfulness interventions before meds.


Because if you don’t…

• You can develop further health issues — anxiety, depression, dementia, hormonal imbalances, weight gain and more
• You’ll continue dealing with the unpredictability of your energy
• Your body won’t be able to support your goals and dreams
• You submit to the false belief that you are not worth the time, it’s not that important or that you don’t deserve coaching


Lauren Ziegler - Private Sleep Coaching