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Christine Brown - Bella Luna Sleep Consulting
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Meet Christine, Founder of Bella Luna Family.

Our mission is to educate, support and coach families through the wild journey of parenting so the entire family can be happy, healthy and well-rested.

We’re a parent consulting company, headquartered in New Hampshire, helping families locally and all over the world navigate parenthood. Our certified child sleep consultants and parent coaches help with some of the most challenging aspects of parenting, including child sleep, child behavior, and potty training.

About Christine Brown

• Certified Child Sleep Consultant
• Child Behavior Coach
• Lactation Counselor

Fun Facts About Christine

When she’s not cheering on moms everywhere or snuggling her boys, you can find her on a yoga mat or binge-watching Bravo. Give her sushi and a trip to Target, and she’s one happy woman.

Christine has walked the walk. When her twin boys were six months old, she and her husband hit a concrete wall of sleep deprivation and sought outside help. After failing to find a local sleep consultant, they set out to teach the boys how to sleep on their own. Ultimately, they were successful in teaching their boys healthy sleep habits but would have loved to have a guide on the journey.

This struggle launched Christine’s sleep obsession and a passion to help families like her own. She completed the Family Sleep Institute’s child sleep consultant training program and Bella Luna Family was born! In the past 5+ years, she and her team have helped well over 1,000 families. She has also received a certification in child behavior coaching and she is a certified lactation counselor.

Newborn Sleep

Newborn babies. Dreamy. Snuggly. Confusing?!

There are plenty of new territories to conquest in newborn-land, and sleep is at the forefront of the voyage. It can be the difference between cooing “look how cute he is when he drools!” and arguing with your partner over who lost the white noise machine. In short, we need sleep to function, connect, and be ourselves.

Whether you’re a parent to a 0-3 month old, or still happily expecting, the Newborn Sleep Jumpstart Package is perfect for you.

Baby Sleep

Once your baby turns four months old, things *change* a bit...

And—surprise, surprise—they keep changing! Through all the regressions and milestones, the greatest gift you can give your family is healthy, independent sleep.

Whether you’re a parent to 9 month old twins or a 14 month old who just will NOT leave your bed, our baby sleep consulting services will help you reach your sleep goals.

Toddler and Big Kid Sleep

Your little baby has grown & now has a lot to say.

"Good night" may not be one of those things?

As our children grow, sleep needs and challenges change. This can leave us feeling unprepared on how to handle our toddler or big kids' BIG feelings about sleep and their million stalling tactics.

Whether you’re a parent to 18 month old twins or a 5 year old who just will NOT leave your bed, our toddler and big kid sleep consulting services can help you meet your sleep goals.

Are you interested in working with us? Please visit our website and book your free 15-minute discovery call today!

We're excited to meet you! During your free 15-minute discovery call, we'll chat about your current struggles and goals. From there, we'll determine together if Bella Luna is the right fit for you.


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