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Mary Cantwell - Rest To Your Nest
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Mary Cantwell is a certified sleep consultant who takes a holistic approach to getting your family the rest they need to live a healthy, well-rested life. She was once in your shoes — struggling to get her kids to sleep. Now she has the privilege to support families around the world and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Meet Mary

Hi, I’m Mary Cantwell and I am glad you found Rest To Your Nest!

I was once in your shoes – exhausted and sleep deprived. With my first baby, I was a new mom who felt helpless, drained, and struggled with his sleep. This is what led me down the path of becoming a certified sleep consultant.

The transition into motherhood was not the easiest for me. I am a type A personality (now a recovering type A!) and I read all the things to be "prepared" for motherhood. While reading and reality didn't exactly line up for me. Also, looking back, I most likely was experiencing unbeknownst postpartum anxiety that didn't' help with the lack of sleep and learning to be a parent. I really wished for a village!

It was during that chapter in my life that I developed my passion for helping families on their sleep journey. If I had asked for helped, or at least been open to it, my family would have been more rested and mentally and physically in a better place faster.

I researched, read and studied until I became a certified expert on sleep. I discovered my passion for family sleep and I knew I had to serve other struggling families. I had the trained with world-renowned sleep consultant Deborah Pedrick and I received my child sleep certification from the Family Sleep Institute after completing 250+ hours of course work (3 times more than any other program)

​Now I have the privilege to serve families around the country and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I look forward to working with your family!

How We Help

Exhausted parents are reaching their wits end to get their kids to sleep. Let's walk you through every step of the process.

Families all over the world state that their number one struggle is to get their kids to sleep. When your children aren’t getting enough sleep (and you’re probably not either), the overall health of the family is greatly affected.

Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all approach and neither is how you organize your child’s sleep. Supporting families as children are learning their sleep skill, we work with multiple methods and provide options based off your child's age and temperament, parenting philosophy, and lifestyle for quality sleep for you and the family.


Schedule a complimentary call with Mary. She will answer your questions, get more information on what's happening with your child's sleep and help identify the right plan to get your family started on a personalized sleep program.


1. Schedule a 15-minute Discovery call.
2. Review the different plans & pricing options and decide which option is best for you and your family.
3. Once you book an appointment, you’ll complete an intake form and remit payment through the website.
4. After we have the consultation, we’ll send you a personalized sleep plan within 48 business hours of our consultation.
4. Choose a start date to implement the plan and we’ll help guide you as your child learns their sleep skill.

Let's find the sleep package that fits your family’s needs. If you have any questions on what the right fit is, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Rest Your Nest


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