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Lexi Rupert - Little Bird Sleep Consulting
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Ever wish your kids would just go.to.sleep?

That’s my job.

Hi friend, I want you to feel welcome here, not judged. I don’t care what you’ve been doing to get your kids to sleep... whether that means you cosleep, drive 2 hours in circles everyday, walk in circles for what seems like forever every night, or do the hokey - I am here to help YOU end the exhaustion so that you and your children can enjoy sleep.

I’m Lexi, I’ve got your back. Mom of two, dog mom, wife to my high school sweetheart and hero, former zookeeper; I teach your kids to sleep ALL.NIGHT.LONG. I take you from sleep deprived to rested. I love iced coffee, houseplants and warm weather!

While I am San Diego based, I work with families worldwide! I also have additional training in Lactation management and SIDS prevention.

While pregnant with my little bird, I took several recommended classes that were offered at the hospital I was delivering at to help prepare for baby, but weeks after having my daughter I quickly realized no one teaches you about baby sleep! After doing tons of research, reading many books, and giving my daughter some guidance, we began building her a foundation for healthy sleep habits, and she still continues those sleep habits today. I found myself sharing my recent knowledge with friends and fellow parents and learned that I had a passion for baby sleep! Sleep seems to be the most overlooked need when it comes to parenting; my goal is to use my passion to help others create healthy sleep habits for their little ones. I am excited to work with your family!

My sleep philosophy and practices: If you’re wondering where I stand within my methods and practices, take a look at my blog post HERE. I give a brief overview of the different sleep training methods and mention exactly which methods I use!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you up several times a night? Maybe you have to lay with or rock your child back to sleep each time they wake up overnight. Or maybe they’re struggling with naps…and let’s not even talk about bedtime…

Or maybe you have a toddler or school aged child who just won’t stay in their bed! They demand that you lay with them, and asking them to sleep in their own bed is basically nothing short of offensive to them.

Hey, I’m Lexi!


My name is Lexi and I LOVE sleep. Okay who doesn't...except, probably...your kids, but anyhow, I teach kids how to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG!

I believe that you are the expert in your child and that I am the expert in sleep- together we can achieve better sleep for your entire family.

Warning, side effects are: adult time, long showers and warm coffee.

The Better Sleep Course

Teach your child to sleep through the night. You deserve sleep too.

Here is what’s inside the course:

I sat down and recorded my methods that have worked for so many sleep deprived families! Inside the course you get access to 11 Modules that CLEARLY lay out how to teach your child to sleep through the night and take great naps!

• Your sleep training plan, which covers your sleep training method and how to apply it, step by step.
• Appropriate schedules broken down by age.
• Exactly how to handle night wakings and stop them.
• A sleep log to track and record sleep.

I fully understand what it’s like to scour for sleep answers on google and in mom groups, then in your delirium, turn around and Amazon prime yourself something that one person swears by…and various other things while not remembering AT ALL, what you actually purchased.

I decided to make my sleep practices available to all so you can change your life TONIGHT! You deserve sleep and so does your child.

Get Access to the Course

If you are interested in the sleep training process and would like to learn more, please contact me.

Website: https://www.LittleBirdSleepConsulting.com

Little Bird Sleep Consulting


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