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Jamie Caldwell - Caldwell Sleep Consulting
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You deserve a good night’s sleep and guess what, it’s possible.

If you feel exhausted from night wakings, bedtime battles, or a completely unpredictable sleep schedule, you’re in the right place. Being a parent has its challenges. Being a sleep-deprived parent is downright painful.

You are incredible - somehow functioning on broken sleep, long nights, and cups and cups of coffee. Everything you’ve endured is amazing. I’m here to tell you, you deserve more. Let’s start thriving and enjoying life again. Enjoy playing with your little one, enjoy an easy bedtime routine, and enjoy all the benefits of a well-rested home. You deserve healthy sleep habits for you and your family.

Research Based Strategies

Sleep is science-based. The approach used to sleep train is a tiny piece of the puzzle. My services include education on biological sleep rhythms, healthy sleep hygiene, ideal sleep environments, and so much more! All of the information provided is backed by research and strictly follows guidelines of The American Academy of Pediatrics.

An Inclusive Approach

Every family has different needs. Your lifestyle, parenting philosophies, and goals are unique to you and your family. I tailor sleep plans based on all of these personalized factors. Sleep approaches aren’t one size fits all. Yes, there are universal truths to the science of sleep but implementing a plan can vary. I provide a custom plan that’s rooted in sleep science and uniquely fits your needs.

Your Consultant

I began my professional career as an early childhood education teacher. I quickly noticed my favorite part of the job was interacting with parents, providing solutions and ideas for their many toddler challenges.

I realized my love for problem-solving as a family resource outweighed my love for the classroom.

I pursued my certification as a child sleep consultant with the desire to provide knowledge, solutions, and sleep to families.

I'm here to shatter the untrue, over advertised stereotype that children are "bad sleepers" and parents won't ever sleep again. Let’s get you the sleep you deserve.

Sleep Packages

Option 1: Newborn Sleep Education

Overview: Expecting a little one and want to be prepared for those first few months? The newborn sleep package is a detailed sleep education presentation, including everything you should expect with your baby’s first 6 months of sleep. We will cover all the steps you need to establish a healthy foundation including circadian rhythms, soothing routines, safe sleep practices, age appropriate schedules, and so much more!

Age: Perfect for expecting parents - babies 1 month old or younger


• 1 hour video consultation
• Sleep education/expectations for first 6 months of life
• 30 minute follow-up call that can be used any time within 6 months of consultation

Option 2: Sleep Plan

Overview: This is for the truly exhausted parents who have tried everything and needs some help. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a big change in your current sleep routine.

Age: 4 months old - 6 years old


• In-depth sleep questionnaire
• 1 hour video consultation
• Personalized sleep plan
• 2 weeks of daily email support as you implement your plan
• Phone calls can be scheduled as needed
• Daily Review of Sleep Log to quickly track progress
• An end of 2 weeks follow-up call to ensure your continued success

Option 3: Informational Call

Overview: This package is great for families going through smaller transitions. Ideal for families with a solid sleep foundation who need guidance through a small challenge. During our call, we can discuss your situation and I will guide you through and provide solutions for your family.

Age: Expecting parents - 6 year olds


• Mini Intake Form with Evaluation
• Phone Call or Video Call (Client’s preference)
• Your choice of 30 minutes or 60 minutes


I love working with families of multiplies! You need these solutions just as much (if not more). All packages are available for families of multiples at the same price.

Book a Discovery Call

Let’s talk and see if my sleep services are right for you. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the process, learn more about my philosophies as a sleep specialist, and choose the right package for your family’s needs.

Website: https://www.CaldwellSleepConsulting.com


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