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Angela Walsh - Babes In Sleepland
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As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist based in Westchester County, NY and the mom to four children, I know how you feel and I’m here to help you. I'm sure you ask yourself, How Can I Get my Baby to Nap? How Can I Get my Baby to Sleep Through the Night? Which also means, How Can I Sleep? Whether you are a Professional or a Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad, I know you can’t manage day after day with little or no sleep. As a Child Sleep Expert and an Experienced Mom, I can help you get your child sleeping, and in turn you will be sleeping too! Now isn't that a dream come true?

How I Can Help

• Set in place age appropriate naps, bedtime and sleep routines
• Teach self-soothing skills
• Ensure child’s sleep environment is sleep healthy and sleep friendly
• Develop a sleep plan in keeping with your goals and parenting philosophy
• Daily support while you implement the plan
• Teach the Five Elements of Healthy Sleep
• Get your child sleeping through the night and at nap time!

Most Common Sleep Issues

• Not falling asleep at night
• Waking frequently throughout the night
• Waking too early in the morning
• Short or non-existent naps
• Eliminating night feedings
• Sleep disruptions in Children with Special Needs
• Transitioning from co-sleeping to a crib/crib to bed
• Nightmares/Night Terrors
• Going through developmental milestones
• Sleep disruptions due to travel, holidays, and lifestyle changes

Did You Know?

• Children do not just outgrow sleep problems.
• Overtired children are cranky, hyperactive, and can have difficulty learning.

Signs of an Overtired Child

• Unable to fall asleep at night
• Difficulty feeding
• Frequently waking throughout the night
• Waking early in the morning
• Experiencing short or non-existent naps
• Inability to self -soothe
• Clingy, irritable or fussy throughout the day
• Inability to focus

Meet Angela

My name is Angela Walsh. I am a Child Sleep Consultant Certified by the Family Sleep Institute, and the founder of Babes in Sleepland. As the mother of four grown children (three boys and a girl), my mission is to help parents like you enjoy every moment with your baby or toddler by giving you the confidence and know-how to create a healthy, consistent sleep environment for your little one. Believe me, I know firsthand how quickly babies and toddlers grow up. And I also remember all too well how hard it is to keep a sense of perspective when you feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and stressed that you and your family aren’t getting the rest you need.

When my firstborn son wasn’t sleeping, I had no idea what to do or where to turn for advice. Mothers of my generation tended to buy into the notion that sleep deprivation just came with the territory.

For years I have gravitated toward working with children and families, starting with volunteering at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. When my own children were in school full time, I became a substitute teacher, and led a parent connection group.

I am active on several fronts in my community, working to help moms and children in need of guidance and a helping hand. In addition to my private sleep consulting practice, I am a Certified Consultant at Pregnancy Care Center in New Rochelle, New York, where I provide counseling and support.

With my youngest son heading off to college, I found myself able to pursue full time work, and thinking back to what it was like having infants and small children, I was excited to learn about the opportunity to build a sleep consulting practice. I realized that the need for sleep consulting was very great when I learned that pediatricians only spend about six hours during medical school being educated in the field of sleep.

I decided to pursue the extensive training I would need to become Certified as a baby and toddler sleep coach. As I completed the 70 hours of classroom training (I loved every book I read and paper I wrote) and the practical field internship- I knew I had found my calling, and Babes in Sleepland was born.

Part of my training included being certified by the “Safe Sleep Modeling Program”, administered by the Canadian Foundation for Sudden Infant Death. (CFSID). I am also trained as a community outreach “champion” in conjunction with the Safe to Sleep Champions Initiative, administered by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Since becoming certified, I have furthered my education in order to work with families of children with special needs, moms with postpartum depression, and I can guide and advise parents who are looking for daycare facilities. As a member of the Family Sleep Institute, I am part of an experienced team of consultants who constantly help and guide each other to share the latest developments in sleep research, diet and nutrition, post–partum depression, breastfeeding challenges, infant reflux, and safety issues regarding child and baby equipment.

As I begin to work with your family, I want you to rest assured that we at the Family Sleep Institute, think of ourselves as a family as well—a family of trained and caring experts. I have access to the expertise and resources of our entire group at all times, and I will work diligently to make sure your baby and family receive the help you need to succeed.

Additionally I can and do, work with families who live throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Continuing Education

• Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute
• Sleep Consulting with Families who have Children with Special Needs, Debbie Sasson, PsyD
• Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths Safe to Sleep Campaign, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National • Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
• Understanding Adult Sleep, PattyTucker, PA-C
• Postpartum Depression and other Postpartum Mood Disorders, Sarah Stern, Ph.D.
• Sleep in the Infant and Child, Reshmin Amin, MD, MSc
• Chiropractic and Infant Toddler Sleep Disturbances, Dr Glory Eidt
• Safe Sleep and Child Care


Babes in Sleepland


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