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Melissa Domain - Special Needs Sleep Consulting
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You are a loving, dedicated parent of a child with special needs…

…but you’ve reached a critical point when it comes to your child’s sleep. You. are. exhausted! You may wryly joke with friends and therapists about how your sleeplessness is just part of your job description, but really — it’s not a badge you feel honored wearing.

Your child has not been able to get a good night’s sleep in….forever!? You’re constantly trying to come up with that magic combination of techniques that will allow your special needs child to drift off easier. But often, you’re finding yourself rocking them at 3am, pulling out the iPad 2 hours after bedtime, constantly walking your child back to their room because you know she’ll get into something she shouldn’t.

All you’ve been fantasizing about for who knows how long is getting your nights back! And, you know in reality you and your child will just barely be getting through.

I’ve met so many families like yours and I know how hard you’ve struggled.

Hi, I’m Melissa Doman.

I’m a sleep consultant for special needs families who are fed up with sleepless nights and are ready to find solutions. They’ve had it with stress, anxiety, and the professionals that tell them there’s nothing to be done about their child’s sleep problems. I help parents like you and their kids sleep great, so that everyone can thrive the next day!

Sleep Help For Your Unique Child

Life can be challenging for a child with special needs. Sleep doesn’t have to be one of those challenges. Our team coaches loving parents of special needs kids to get their child sleeping great at night, giving them the first steps towards independence in life.

We are sleep consultants for special needs families just like yours. You may be feeling frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed by your child’s sleep problems, but you’re ready for solutions.

You’ve had it with sleepless nights, anxiety, stress-filled days, and the specialists who say that your child’s sleep issues can’t be fixed.

We can help your child with sleep better and independently so you can see your child grow, thrive, and use these skills for years to come!

Our Qualifications

• Child Brain Developmentalist, Doman Method Coach
• Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Therapist
• Special Education Teacher
• Mothers who have sleep trained their own children
• ...and more!

About Our Consultations

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to teaching a child how to sleep well. Your child deserves a sleep plan that reflects their abilities, temperament, and more importantly…their personality!

Our team creates customized plans so that kids with special needs can learn how to sleep on their own, and through the night. And, parents like you get the support they need every step of the way.

How We Can Help

If you child has been diagnosed with any of the following…

• Trisomy 21/Down syndrome
• Cerebral Palsy
• Autism/ASD
• Developmental Delay
• Other genetic diagnosis

…we’re here to help your child sleep great!

Ready to get started?

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Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting helps parents across the US and around the world – our staff is located in Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Georgia, South Carolina, and Ireland/UK.


Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting


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