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Sleepless in NOLA is a sleep consulting service for any family, in any country, whose children are having difficulties that surround sleeping, eating and behavior as well as those families that want a personalized approach that will honor their specific parenting style. Dr. Vyas has read all the books and done all the research and will come up with a plan that suits your family best, so you don’t have to.

Is Bedtime Giving You The Blues?

RECLAIM YOUR SANITY without the need of Cry-It-Out.

My holistic approach is gentle, effective, and specific to YOU. The coaching and guidance you will receive takes the whole child and family into consideration.

When your child sleeps well:

• THEY wake up refreshed and YOU wake up refreshed.
• THEY improve their daytime disposition and YOU spend less time struggling with them.
• THEY are less inclined to exhibit oppositional behavior and YOU spend less time correcting them.
• THEIR body gets the necessary time to grow and develop which improves immunity and YOU save money on doctor visits.

And YOU can get the rest YOU need!

A good night's sleep is just a click away...

Click Here to request a FREE phone consultation from Dr. Vyas.

Website: https://www.SleeplessInNola.com

Sleepless in Nola


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