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Kim Schaf - Sleep Training Solutions
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Can’t remember the last time you slept for more than two hours in a row?

Have you shhhh-ed your baby to sleep til you just about passed out?

Embarrassed to leave your child with a sitter because of the “measures” you need to take to get your baby to sleep?

Tired of walking on eggshells every night once the little one goes down – just TIRED in general?

I hear you. I’ve been in your bunny slippers.

I know what it’s like to think you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again. To snap at the almost-too-friendly Trader Joe’s employee because you’re just trying to get through the morning on 43 minutes of sleep.

But I’ve got fabulous news, my friend. There IS an answer to this problem, and I’m here to help you find it!

I’m Kim Schaf, pediatric sleep consultant and the founder of Sleep Training Solutions. My most important title, however, is “Mom.”

My first son slept like a baby. (Why is that the saying, anyway?!)

When #2 arrived, he completely threw us for a loop. Not only was he waking up four times a night until he was 18 months old (!?), but the process of actually getting him to sleep was ridiculous.

I’d swaddle him, strap him in the swing, pop in a pacifier, put the mobile on above his head with the lights and music, then turn up the white noise in his room.


I’d make sure he was in DEEP sleep before getting up from the glider, walking very slowly to the crib, gently lowering him down inch by inch, then removing one hand at a time and dropping to the floor and army crawling out.

And that was just to sleep 45 minutes (or less) at a time!

Are you nodding? Sound very familiar?

After hitting rock bottom one night, I found a sleep training program online at 2am, we started it the following night and within days, he was falling asleep on his own and sleeping allllll night.

After our experience with our son’s sleep issues, I got certified and started Sleep Training Solutions in 2011 to help moms (and their babies!) get more sleep.

I’m like a sleep detective.

I look at the whole picture – not just what’s happening in the bedroom.

A huge variety of factors contribute to sleep – routine, sleep props, schedule, feeding times and/or diet, overstimulation, clothing, bedroom environment, developmental milestones, etc. – and I will crack the code and figure out what is preventing your little one from sleeping all night and FIX the problem.

I work with my sleepy clients to get to the bottom of what’s keeping their child awake at night and get on top of a schedule that works for EVERYONE.

Sweet dreams!

Kim Schaf

Sleep Training Solutions


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