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Working with organizations in the Utilities and Nuclear Power sector, Mining and Government, Carolyn Schur has been providing innovative and practical solutions to shiftworkers across Canada and the US since 1996. Carolyn combines her work experience with human resources, training management and occupational health and safety, with her consulting and training expertise in counseling, health and nutrition and sleep disorders to provide an all-encompassing solution to her courses.

Alert@Work helps both shiftworkers and their managers address and overcome shiftwork challenges.

Shiftworkers learn how to sleep better and manage fatigue. Managers learn to develop shift schedules and human resource and operational policies that support shiftworkers.

Together we can...

Improve health, safety and performance - Reduce turnover, absenteeism and health costs.

Schedule Review

Do you have a Best-practise Shiftwork Schedule?

We can review your schedule and make recommendations for improvement.

“(The schedule you designed) was a savior this year for us. We really like it.” – Ronnie, U.S. Corp of Engineers

Schedule Clinic

This is a full day to work with the stakeholders in your organization to develop a shiftwork schedule that will meet your needs.

Management and Operational Review

Are management and operational policies conducive to creating a high-performing 24/7 shiftwork workplace?

We can assess your practices and policies and make recommendations or work with you to address specific issues and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Fatigue Risk Management

As part of their risk management protocol, many workplaces are developing and implementing Fatigue Risk Management Plans.

We can help you assess your risk and decide on strategies that would mitigate sleepiness and fatigue risk.

If you require a comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Plan, we can facilitate its development with your stakeholders.

Note that some sectors (e.g., transportation, nuclear power generation) require sleep and fatigue management education for compliance with industry and government regulations.

Let’s discuss your needs and determine how we can help you achieve your goals.

My Bio

Being a night owl, I found living in an early bird world difficult. For years I wondered why I could not sleep and wake like everyone else. Frustrated and curious, I sought answers in scientific and medical libraries. What I found not only changed my life, but also led me to a career as a sleep educator.

It started in 1994 with the publication of my book ‘Birds of a Different Feather: Early Birds and Night Owls Talk About Their Characteristic Behaviors.’ Though designed to address the needs of night owls who deal with the challenges of early day-time schedules it attracted the attention of shiftworkers who dealt with the challenges of night work.

The research I had done for the book about sleep and circadian rhythms gave me a solid foundation for understanding why shiftwork was a challenge.

By combining my new-found expertise with my previous work experience I have been able to provide innovative and practical solutions to shiftworkers and have had the privilege of helping shiftworkers in organizations across Canada and the US since 1996.

Trained as a teacher I have taught at all levels (pre-school, grade and high school and university). I have also worked as a curriculum developer and developed several on-the-job training programs.

Prior to becoming a sleep educator I worked as a program manager in government and the private and non-profit sectors.

I am fortunate to have a career that does not feel like work and I derive tremendous satisfaction from seeing my clients overcome their challenges and thrive.




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