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Amy Bonsiero - Baby Sleep Solved
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My name is Amy.

I am a Pediatric Sleep Expert and the founder of Baby Sleep Solved. I create well rested families. I help families learn how to soothe their infants, create loving and supportive environments for their children, create effective and realistic family schedules, and successfully get their entire family sleeping more soundly. Let me know what I can do to help you!

Amy named as one of the "Top Sleep Consultants in the U.S."!

Let me ask you something…

Does your baby only fall asleep while being held or moving in a stroller/swing/car?
• Will your toddler only fall asleep while you are in the room or sleeping in the bed with them?
Was your baby once a good sleeper and now they are waking up multiple times during the night?
• Is your toddler climbing out of bed at all hours of the night?
Are your child’s naps short or nonexistent?
• Are you worried that your child is not sleeping enough?
Are you unsure of how many naps your baby or toddler should be taking?
• Is your toddler resisting bedtime or using delay tactics to push bedtime later and later?
Are your baby’s feedings all over the place during the day, therefore they wake up hungry throughout the night?
• Is your toddler ready for a big kid bed?
Do you need help creating a schedule that actually works for your family?
• Are you so tired that you can barely read this webpage?

You are not alone, and I can help!

As a Pediatric Sleep Expert, I have helped hundreds of families improve their children’s sleep. Sleep directly impacts your child’s mental and physical development, therefore developing good sleep habits is critical for healthy growth.

Developing good sleep habits for your child is also important because it directly impacts how much sleep YOU are getting.

Health and safety can become concerns for parents who do not get enough sleep. Parents who do not get enough sleep are often more stressed, more distracted, less tolerant, and can even experience anxiety and depression, including intensified postpartum depression.

I have helped hundreds of families -

• Examine their baby’s daily and nightly routines and adjust and/or generate particular patterns to help create better and longer sleep
• Look at their child’s entire routine including eating, napping, and playtime, to properly create effective sleep patterns that support good daytime and nighttime sleep
• Create consistency in their child’s routines and schedule
• Create a sleep environment that is comfortable, safe, and soothing for their child
• Restructure boundaries and routines for their growing toddler so that bedtime is no longer a battle or an endless process
• Teach their children how to fall asleep efficiently and independently for daytime sleep and nighttime sleep
• Decrease and/or eliminate night waking and night feeding (as age and weight appropriate)
• Minimize crying during bedtime and nap time by showing them how to select sleep techniques and methods that are right for their baby, their child’s personality, and their family circumstances

I have been where you are.

I know what it is like to have children that do not sleep. I know what it is like to have to hold a child to sleep for naps and nighttime sleep. I know what it is like to have anxiety every day because of not knowing what to expect from naps and nighttime sleep. I know what it is like to wake up every hour throughout the night to rock, feed, or bounce a baby. I know what it is like to have a toddler escape out of bed all night long. I know what it is like to have a toddler delay bedtime for two hours.

I can help you improve not only your child’s sleep but also your sleep as a result. Restorative sleep is a critical part of a happy and healthy lifestyle, therefore as sleep quality improves your family life and family dynamic will improve as well.

I have worked with hundreds of families for over ten years and am currently listed as one of the top sleep consultants in the United States.

Working with someone with my level of expertise is beneficial to you because with experience comes knowledge and wisdom. I have helped families of all shapes and sizes, with all types of sleep challenges, in all types of situations and atmospheres. While working as a pediatric sleep expert I developed a Three Phase Sleep Success System that helps promote fast and lasting sleep success. When working to improve sleep challenges, the order in which you work on them matters. Therefore the sleep system I have created carefully walks you through each phase in the correct order, and I will personally be there to support you the whole way.

Are you ready for more rested days and more restorative nights?

Are you ready to feel like a rested human again?

Let’s do it!


Baby Sleep Solved


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