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Nick Lambe - Sleep Coach Course (Get Certified)


Nick is a long time coach in the health and fitness industry. He spent the majority of his 1 on 1 coaching working in the rehabilitation setting in close collaboration with physical therapists and other medical providers. It was in this setting that his love and passion for sleep developed. Between the many of his own clients struggling and the seemingly strong link between sleep and recovery time, Nick knew he needed to learn more. He set out on what a multi year long journey to piece together all he could about sleep and more importantly how to apply it with clients.

He instituted sleep coaching as a separate service in the integrated clinic he was working at the time and ended up coaching nearly 100 struggling clients.

He then developed The Online Sleep Coach brand to broaden his reach and take his sleep coaching online. In this capacity, he had the pleasure of coaching individuals of all walks including athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, UFC and US Olympic team. He provided consultations for many teams and organizations.

However, Nick had a desire to have even more of an impact on the sleep space. He saw a tremendous void in how coaches and practitioners truly embraced sleep into their process. (Typically just giving a client a sleep hygiene list and having some general conversation). He realized that he needed to help individuals shortcut the process he took to learn about sleep. There was no comprehensive & practical resource for coaches could go to learn all they needed to know about sleep and how improve it with their clients. This is where the mission of the Sleep & Recovery Coaching Course was born.

Nick took over a year to create the course, carefully consulting with an advisory board and many experts in the space. The result is a full certification course that provides all the tools you'll need and that is continually evolving. With over worldwide 500 students already, Nick hopes the course will be a part of a revolution around sleep and how it's viewed in the industry. The course truly is the first of its kind.

To further the mission of spreading sleep knowledge, Nick has created the Sleep EdYOUcation brand which will feature the work of many others in the space.

Outside of the course, Nick runs an education company called COACHED geared towards empowering coaches to address the missing links in the health and fitness industry (communication, collaboration, etc.) The company runs regular events including the Raise the Bar Conference.

On a non education note, Nick is a husband and proud dad to 2 beautiful and amazing girls (Sophie & Maya)

Why Be a Sleep Coach?

We have all seen representations of the 3 pillars of health and wellness being exercise, nutrition, and sleep. However I've been continuously surprised with how little attention sleep gets relative to the other two. Particularly in the world of coaching. Everyone has or knows someone who has worked with a coach on exercise or nutrition but the idea of a sleep coach remains foreign. I find this strange due to the fact that sleep requires the same elements of coach that the others do (guidance, education, and accountability). In addition to that, sleep is arguably more important as it sets the foundation for just about every facet of our health and well being (including exercise and nutrition).

There are no shortage of coaches for exercise or nutrition but you'd be hard pressed to find one for sleep. This is what I aim to change with this certification. It aims to bring sleep more into the coaching forefront while changing the way society prioritizes sleep.

Why Certify as a Sleep Coach?

• Tremendous untapped opportunities. Firstly, roughly half of the population struggles with sleep at some point, some more drastic than others. I would suspect this number to continue to rise as modern society de-emphasizes sleep. Next as mentioned previously, there are so few sleep coaches if any for the adult population. In most cases, people with sleep issues or who just want to take their sleep to the next level are left with 2 options: sleeping pills that come with significant health risk or an online list of sleep hygiene tips. Imagine if we applied that approach to exercise. We would never expect results. The world needs sleep coaches.

• To truly help clients in the missing link to health and wellness, helping them enhance their overall health, their cognitive function, their mood, their body composition, their energy level, motivation, their physical performance and more. Sleep is the lever that enhances it all.

• Differentiation. The fitness, health and wellness fields continue to be incredibly crowded. Sleep coaching provides a unique opportunity to stand out, be different and help those in need.

• Embrace the role of being a healthcare practitioner more involved in the medical community.

• Open up new doors. Due to how much education there needs to be put out on how important sleep is, you'll have many opportunities for speaking engagements and the like as an expert on sleep.

There is certainly a lot of information on sleep out there but through my digging it is lacking in 2 ways:

1. All the information organized and compiled into a comprehensive but easy to follow learning format.

2. A coaching spin to sleep that demonstrates how to practically help people improve their sleep regardless of their situation.

The Sleep and Recovery Coach Course is the comprehensive guide you need to become a sleep expert and play a part in the revolution towards better sleep. In this course you’ll learn:

• The overlooked correlation between sleep, health and performance
• How sleep impacts every single physiological system
• How to effectively assess sleep and look for red flags
• How to practically coach sleep and implement a system of principles you can repeat regardless of who you work with
• How to guide your clients or patients through the process of recovery and adaptation and in turn better results
• The impacts of circadian biology and timing on everything you’re trying to accomplish with your clients
• Strategies to increase and improve your collaboration with other members of the healthcare community and team.

By the end of this course, I promise you that you will have everything that you need to grow your coaching business and create the results and impact you desire.

The only thing you need to worry about now is taking the first step. And by the way, there’s absolutely ZERO risk because if you don’t absolutely love the course after 30 days, I’ll happily refund your money.

What took me years and thousands of dollars to master and perfect, you’re going to learn in the time it takes you to complete this course.

Sleep and Recovery Coach Course Outline

Module One: Why Sleep/Why Sleep Coaching

1.1 Welcome/Intro: Why the emphasis on sleep?
1.2 Sleep, health and the (overlooked) correlation between the two
1.3 How better sleep improves performance and the rehabilitation process
1.4 Sleep, well being and other correlations (memory, immunity, metabolism,)
1.5 Why sleep coaching? Making an impact and getting results
1.6 The 5 pillars: So what does sleep coaching actually look like?

Module Two: Anatomy and Physiology

2.1 The 3 mechanisms for and against sleep (how does sleep occur?)
2.2 Neurology of sleep
2.3 Sleep interplay with all aspects of physiology
2.4 Quality vs. Quantity: What defines healthy sleep? (The 4 Pillars)
2.5 The Antagonist to Sleep: The autonomic nervous system, ascending arousal system and wakefulness

Module Three: Assessment/Screening

3.1 An introduction to the assessment process, role and scope of practice for sleep coaching
3.2 Medical history, introduction to sleep and healthcare collaboration, team members
3.3 Sleep Disorders vs. Disordered Sleeping
3.4 Red Flags
3.5 How to assess your client’s baseline and where should your focus be?
3.6 Sleep trackers, devices, and what you need to know and when to best use them in your coaching

Module 4: The Coaching Process

4.1 The 5 Pillars to Sleep Optimization
4.2 The Bucket Analogy
4.3 Behavioral strategies for sleep (the foundation)
4.4 Intro to Circadian Rhythms: why timing matters
4.5 Methods and coaching strategies to balance the Autonomic Nervous System
4.6 Lifestyle factors and sleep coaching
4.7 Special Considerations and Situations

Module 5: The impacts of Circadian Biology and Application

5.1 Circadian Biology, anatomy and physiology, understanding of rhythms
5.2. How chronotypes and genetics affect timing in health and performance
5.3. The 5 circadian levers and influence
5.4 Synchronization Strategies
5.5 Practical Coaching Applications
• Sports performance
• General population
• Body composition

Module 6: Recovery and Regeneration

6.1 Introduction and importance of recovery/adaptation
6.2 Assessment and determining recovery status
6.3 Heart Rate Variability and applications
6.4 Active Recovery Strategies
6.5 Behavior change, mindset and lifestyle recovery
6.6 Ways to implement recovery strategies into your coaching

Module 7: Marketing and Opportunities

7.1 The Landscape for Sleep Coaching (possibilities)
7.2 How to implement sleep coaching in your practice (separately or adjunct)
7.3 Marketing Categories: Who, where and how to connect and find opportunities
7.4 How to initiate contact and collaborate with healthcare professionals
7.5 Course summary: Putting it all together

Module 8: Bonus Section

• Bonus material and additional review (tying the material together)
• Sleep difference in men vs. women, sleep products and supplements, financial impact of sleep, sleep disorders deeper dive, 10 point sleep tracking system, art of coaching, other practical applications
• Content expert interviews and contributions (breathwork, dental/airway perspective, myofunctional therapy, conditioning, motivational interviewing)


There will be the opportunity upon completing the course to become a “Certified Sleep and Recovery Coach” This will be done by completing 2 case studies provided within the course and 2 case studies working with your own clients.

Benefits to Certification:

• Increased credibility and perceived level of expertise
• Branding and differentiation
• Additional stream of revenue
• Easier to secure collaborations and network

I built this for you. I built this for me when I got into coaching. There was no roadmap. I would’ve done anything to have access to this knowledge, experts, and proven system. It took me years to master and thousands of dollars, but after sticking with it I finally put together the winning recipe for creating the coaching results and impact I wanted when I started. I have coached countless individuals of all walks from seniors to professional athletes to better sleep and I'm sharing my proven system. Now I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly what to do, what you need to know about sleep, and how to create amazing results for yourself and your clients. This course gives you everything you need to separate yourself from the noise and competitive coaching space.

Don't waste another day, month or year going through the motions and leaving results on the table for your clients. Guide your clients to sleep and recovery and don't learn the lessons the hard way like I had to!

Join the Sleep and Recovery Coach Program Now!


Sleep EdYOUcation - Certified Sleep and Recovery Coach Course


Have you ever struggled with sleep? The answer is probably yes, and if it isn’t then I want to know the secret. The reality is the majority of the United States, estimated 75+% currently or has previously struggled with sleep. For every clinician working with clients or patients, this may be a crucial component you may be missing in helping your client reach their goals. Additionally you may be missing this component in yourself and it can greatly impact your professional life.

However, there is a lot of information out there and making sense of it all is a daunting task, then throw application of it all onto the top of the pile and you may find your head spinning. This is where Nick Lambe and his course of Sleep Coaching come in. I recently had the pleasure of attending Nick’s 4-week introductory course into sleep coaching. After being apart of this flagship course, I’d be hard pressed to find anyone as competent, confident, well spoken, open-minded, and down to earth as Nick.

As someone with little to no personal experience in the realm of sleep studies and application, I was worried I may be left behind. Fear not! The course was broken down expertly into digestible and comprehensive slide shows that built upon each other from week to week. Not only was I not left behind, but found myself craving more information which has lead me down wealth of knowledge that sleep coaching can unlock for clinicians who seek it. In addition to the weekly content, Nick created a community via Facebook where discussions were held, ideas flourished, and people from all across the globe were able to connect and share their unique experiences.

I know Nick is releasing a full fledged sleep coaching course and I cannot wait to be apart of it. I believe that anyone in the healthcare field who is not including sleep as a main component of their assessments is doing a disservice to not only their client, but themselves as well. I can’t wait to see the impact that sleep coaching can make on the health care field!

Student | December 22, 2023

For years I have tried searching for sleep education that went beyond the generic tips and hygiene lists found with any basic google search and always came up empty. I’ve tried to create hierarchies and systems to screen for disorders and help coach athletes in need of this important area but was constantly frustrated with the lack of formal information on the market. Finally this gap has been filled and I highly recommend this product for anyone in the performance industry.

Ben Chadwick | December 22, 2023

I began my journey of studying sleep, by reading the book “Why We Sleep” years ago for my own personal development.

I decided to take Nick’s course as a way to learn more practical ideas to improve my own quality of sleep. In doing so, I learned much more than that. Nick’s is a comprehensive course on sleep, recovery, and it also provides steps to practically COACH sleep.

Before taking the course, I thought I had enough information to share with my clients/patients. The course increased my perspective, knowledge and my informational bandwidth.

As a dental professional, I am in a unique position to make a real difference in my patients’ life by implementing systemic screenings for Sleep, Sleep Disordered Breathing and Airway restriction as it relates to sleep. I believe this approach should be routine and the standard of care. I highly recommend this course.

It feels good to save a tooth and restore function, but it feels even better to help change one’s life.

So why not? Practice with Purpose!

Nerissa Boggan, RDH, BSDH | December 22, 2023

I really appreciate all the material provided in this course, I think the information presented is very well organized and structured to start applying it at your convenience from the first moment. Much of this information I have not seen presented in such an organized way as it was in these 4 weeks. Very practical information and according to the topic. Regarding Nick, very good disposition and responsibility regarding the delivery of material and answering all the questions raised, either by email or the course group. I am very grateful for these incredible 4 weeks.

Nicolas Romo | December 22, 2023

Loved the course! It was very in depth and easy to understand. As a personal trainer, the topic of sleep comes up a lot for my clients, and after taking the 4 week course, I feel much more comfortable speaking with my clients about the importance of sleep and making those recommendations on ways to improve their sleep hygiene. Thanks Nick!

Hannah Allen (Coach Bash) | December 22, 2023

Nick Lambe is one of the most intelligent and humble professionals I have ever met. His ability to systemize and optimize sleep through specific principles is incomparable. Having read copious amounts of information on sleep, recovery and the autonomic influence on the human system, I have found that these resources haven’t done a great job in putting together actionable steps. This is where Nick fits in perfectly. Nick has not only been able to provide a system but more importantly, applicable solutions to be able to use this information as a way to accelerate results with clients and myself. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to improve human potential and maximize recovery.

Alex Effer CEP, CSCS, XPS | December 22, 2023

The Sleep & Recovery Coaching Course is a worthwhile investment. Nick Lambe does an excellent job introducing newbies like me (a massage therapist) to the world of sleep coaching. Nick approaches the world as a healthcare provider. He starts with basic concepts of sleep and its impact on health. He then builds upon this knowledge and provides tools that any individual can use to construct their own custom vehicle for empowering people to improve their health, fitness, & performance. I appreciate Nick’s collaborative style. The course has attracted participants from all over the world in a variety of professional settings, creating a platform for stimulating dialogue. This material will help me bring more value to my established clients, develop my professional network, and build my business. I am looking forward to taking Nick\'s full certification course when it becomes available.

Michael J Anderson BCTMB LMT FR FMT | December 22, 2023

The Sleep Coach course is an awesome experience! It’s jam-packed with extremely digestible and practical information that can be implemented into practice immediately if needed. Nick does a fantastic job of systematizing an approach to a topic that has been danced around for too long in the world of health and wellness. With sleep being the missing link, sleep coaching can be a pivotal cornerstone in the future of our healthcare industry, and this course is a fundamental stepping stone for that process!

Nicholas Sienkiewicz, DPT, CSCS | December 22, 2023

My name is Hilary Obert and I am a Physical Therapist primarily working with professional soccer athletes. I had the opportunity to enroll in the Sleep and Recovery course during quarantine by Nick Lambe and I was thoroughly impressed. Nick is knowledgeable and evidenced based, but most importantly demonstrated experience implementing and explaining the practical applications of sleep and recovery. I have much more to learn and read from Nick\'s resources and suggestions, but I have already taken away useful tips and guidelines on how to help athletes/humans sleep better to optimize recovery for sport and life. I would highly recommend this course to those that want to learn more about the importance of sleep (not just duration) and how this along with other elements can affect recovery and well-being.

Hilary Obert, DPT, PT | December 22, 2023

There is a lot of sleep information out there! This course helped to organize and streamline ways to integrate that information to provide a more holistic approach to care and performance enhancement.

Leyla Tannozzini, MS, LAT, ATC | December 22, 2023

Most of us in the Fitness Industry know that getting people moving and eating better will get them healthier and the results they're looking for. But what happens when those 2 things don't get clients the results that they want? That's where sleep and recovery come in! Just like coaching someone through movements and nutrition; sleep coaching is about teaching people habits to prioritize recovery to get the best results that they are looking for. Learning about how sleep influences the brain and how it regulates systems in the body has changed my perspective on how I view sleep and how I can apply this in my life. This has been a game changer for myself and clients that I've implemented sleep coaching with. I truly believe this was an element that was missing in my coaching program. This course has helped me approach my craft in a more holistic way than I was previously applying. With this added to my arsenal of other weapons, I am more confident than ever that I can help get my clients the results they are looking for.

Cody Napaepae, CPT, CFSC, PN | December 22, 2023

I have been researching and collaborating with other professionals over the last few years on the importance of quality sleep and the influence it has on so much of our overall health. I was fortunate enough to have attended Nick’s Online Sleep Coach live program last year and I left with an enriched understanding of not only the influence sleep has on the system, but also the number of factors and variables that can impact successful outcomes. He is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and has an amazing ability to disseminate complex material and articulate it into easily digestible information. He also provides concrete tools that the fitness or other health professional can easily apply to help with managing this complex topic. I highly recommend his program if you are looking for further tools in your toolbox for you to be able to help your patients and clients.

Michael J. Mullin, ATC, PTA, PRC | December 22, 2023

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