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Welcome tired families!

• Are you totally confused about how to help your child sleep or nap?
• Does a good night’s sleep sound like an impossibility?
• Is it hard to remember the last time you felt rested?

Take a deep breath. Let’s talk about sleep.

I’m Rachel, your certified pediatric sleep consultant. And trust me - your child CAN sleep!

Let me help you reclaim your nights, your relationships, and your parenting joy.

Meet Rachel

Welcome! My name is Rachel Glantz, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and mom to two amazing sleepers! But they weren’t always that way. My own sleep journey began when we brought our newborn daughter home to our apartment on Pine Street and promptly realized that our baby wasn’t a “natural” sleeper. We watched for nonexistent sleepy signs, suffered through months of 20 minute naps and hit our breaking point when our otherwise delicious baby was waking every 45 minutes throughout the night. We had absolutely no clue how to help her sleep. That’s when we reached out for guidance. Our sleep consultant helped us climb out of our sleep-deprived fog and supported us as we taught both our daughters lifelong sleep skills. I have been obsessed with kids’ sleep ever since!

In addition to certifying as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant with the pioneering Family Sleep Institute, I am a licensed Physician Associate (PA) and worked for 8 years in Primary Care. You can trust that I have your whole family’s health in mind. My favorite part of working in healthcare has always been connecting with my patients, understanding their needs, laying out all treatment options, and encouraging them to be active players and decision-makers in their own health care. This is exactly the kind of relationship that a good sleep consultant fosters with her clients.

While I am based in West Hartford, CT, I am thrilled to bring sleep support to the Greater Hartford area and beyond!

Why hire a sleep consultant? I will help:

Give you the knowledge

The science of sleep is fascinating! I will teach you about your child’s drive for sleep, how to optimize your household’s sleep hygiene, and the many benefits sleep contributes to your child’s short term and long term health.

Give you the tools

Let me take the guesswork out of all the available information out there. I will create a plan that is customized for your child and your parenting style and lay out each step of how to achieve healthy sleep.

Give you the confidence

I am your coach and personal cheerleader, available by email and phone, supporting YOU as you make the necessary adjustments to achieve better sleep for all!

Do any of these sound familiar?

• “I am so tired I can’t function at work or home”
• “My baby will only sleep in my arms”
• “My child will only fall asleep by nursing”
• “My child wakes up all night long”
• “My baby will only take 20 minute naps”
• “My child just won’t take naps anymore”
• “My child won’t stay in bed”
• “My child went through a sleep regression and sleep has never been the same!”

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

For parents, yes, and also for children! Did you know that healthy sleep positively affects our moods, behavior and cognition?

Sleep is brain food. Let me help you and your children get more of it.

Sleep Packages

Newborn Sleep Support

Perfect for expectant parents and parents of newborns 3 months and younger.

During our 1 hour virtual consult we will discuss safe sleep practices, what to expect sleep-wise during your baby’s first 4 months, and how to set yourself up for success beyond the newborn stage!

Includes newborn sleep recommendations emailed to you after our call, as well as 3 follow-up support emails during your baby’s first 4 month of life.

This makes a great baby shower or new baby gift!

Complete Sleep Support

Perfect for children ages 4 months - 5 years old. This package includes:

• Review of detailed intake form
• 1 hour video consultation
• Custom sleep plan tailored to your family
• Email and phone support for two weeks
• Digital, interactive sleep log
• Wrap up phone call to review our success!
• Bonus takeaway “Tips and Transitions” document

“Ask Me Anything” 30 or 60 minute call

Are you struggling with a specific sleep transition? Did your child suddenly start refusing a nap? Do you just have a list of sleep questions? “Ask Me Anything” for 30 minutes to get all the information and tips you need to get everyone sleeping well again!

This is also a great option for returning clients who need a quick refresher.

Email follow up and sleep plan not included.

Not quite sure which services are right for your family? Contact me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call! We’ll figure which option makes the most sense for you.

Website: https://www.PineStreetSleep.com

Pine Street Sleep


My 2 year old was waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes multiple times, and sometimes staying awake for up to 3 hours! She was stuck in a cycle of being overtired. Rachel helped us understand what was happening and adjust her sleep pattern to get her back on track. She worked with us to develop a plan that worked for all of us and within just a few days my toddlers sleep improved. She gave us the tools to help our daughter, not just at this moment, but for future disruptions as well!!

Megan, mom to 2 year old | December 22, 2023

For weeks, our newborn daughter refused to sleep anywhere but on a person in the baby wrap (during the day) or in a rocking smart bassinet (at night). While this was disruptive, our main concern was that we were instilling bad habits that we wouldn’t know how to break. Rachel answered all of our many questions and shared with us a huge amount of evidence-based sleep research and advice. In addition to all of this information, Rachel gave us the sense that our daughter would be OK, and that, if we could just open ourselves up to “be curious” about her development, she might surprise us. That curiosity led us to our present day scenario, where, at three and a half months, she is now doing all of her nighttime sleep and all of her daytime naps in the (stationary) crib. Thank you, Rachel!

Miriam, mom to 3 month old | December 22, 2023

Before working with Rachel, our daughter regressed and was unable to soothe herself back to sleep. It was such a struggle getting her down at night. After one phone consultation with Rachel, who gave nuanced suggestions based on our situation and made one slight adjustment to our daughter\'s daytime nap schedule, not only was our daughter the right amount of tired before bedtime, but her daytime naps were even longer! We have been thrilled with the outcome.

Jessica, mom to 17 month old | December 22, 2023

Rachel was wonderful to work with. She took a lot of care and consideration in tailoring our sleep training program to our family\'s needs and schedule. When we started, our 5 month old son would only nap if being held, so we were stuck for hours at a time. In only 2 weeks time, Rachel helped us to get him to nap 3 times a day in his crib!

Marissa, mom to 5 month old | December 22, 2023

Trying to get the baby down before meeting with Pine Street Sleep was really hard. His naps were super long, and we were waking him up after 2 hours thinking it would help him sleep later. We gave up on the bassinet/crib because he would wake up 30/40 minutes into his nap when we would put him down. He was sleeping in our arms, his swing, or our bed. Pretty much wherever he would give us more than a half hour. Still, he would have very long wake windows late at night and we would have to take turns watching him because he just wouldn\'t sleep.

After meeting with Rachel we realized we were practicing a lot of sleep myths and things could be much more consistent. Sleeping in his crib was possible and it was important we started practicing those habits right away. Rachel explained things really well, especially to a sleep deprived first time parent. We started seeing improvements almost immediately after taking Rachel\'s advice and applying it every day and night. This information was something they didn\'t teach in our baby classes and a lot of blogs have misleading information on baby sleep. Our son is now 3 months old, sleeping in his crib, 5-6 hour stretches at a normal evening bedtime. My little family is so thankful for Pine Street Sleep!

Devyn, mom to 3 month old | December 22, 2023

My husband and I recently worked with Rachel who helped us with our 5 month old and we could not be happier that we did. I found her to be so relatable and encouraging as a fellow mom, as well as super knowledgeable when it comes to all things sleep. We are so grateful for her help, our only regret is not doing this sooner!

Kara, mom to 5 month old | December 22, 2023

My family\'s experience with Rachel and her sleep training program was absolutely phenomenal. We have 2 and 4 year old boys. Our sleep situation before meeting her was very chaotic and frustrating. We used to loathe bedtime because it seemed like it took us hours to get our kids down at nighttime! We previously co-slept with our 4 year old (in our bed) just to get some sleep. My 2 year old was going through a difficult transition with a toddler bed. No one was sleeping, and my husband and I had NO free time to ourselves in the evening. Rachel was very thorough and confident during our initial conversations. I easily put my full trust in her to guide us through the sleep training process. We very quickly implemented a new sleep routine for both boys that they pretty quickly caught on to. After about 10 days of consistent habit changes, both boys now easily go to bed without fuss or nighttime wakeups, both in their own beds! My husband and I now have free time to ourselves which has been life changing. My boys are more rested, calm, and happy during the daytime too!

Kelly, mom to 2 and 4 year olds | December 22, 2023

Rachel was fantastic to work with. She listened carefully and without judgment and was very thorough in understanding our specific situation. She created a sleep plan that met us where we were at, and most importantly with an approach we were all comfortable with (I was not comfortable with a 100% cry-it-out method). The support Rachel provided throughout the process was just the right amount - she was there when we had questions, but didn’t interfere with our day. Our daughter became sick in the middle of training, which was not ideal, but Rachel helped us understand how to navigate that, too.

In less than two weeks, our daughter went from being up 2-3x per night (and being nursed back to sleep), to sleeping through the night. We couldn’t be more grateful! Not only is our daughter much happier during the day, but so are Mom and Dad! We wish we had done this sooner!

Paige, mom to 16 month old | December 22, 2023

Working with Rachel was a wonderful experience from start to finish. She put me at ease from the very first phone call and helped me feel confident that we could find a solution that worked for us. She developed a schedule that accounted for our older children’s schedules and needs and was easy to follow. The sleep plan was laid out in a very detailed, organized and concise way with great attention to the scientific reasoning behind each recommended step, which helped us to understand why the recommendations were logical and important. Rachel was always available and flexible with daily check-ins during the two week period, and helped us to fine-tune any changes that needed to be made or to troubleshoot any issues that arose. Overall I can not recommend Rachel enough. Our 6 month old went from hourly night wakeups and short, unpredictable catnaps during the day to a 6pm - 6am uninterrupted night’s sleep and 2-3 solid, predictably scheduled crib naps. I sing Rachel’s praises to anyone who will listen; she really helped our baby thrive and us to get some freedom back, and did it all in a supportive and painless way.

Sarah, mom to 6 month old | December 22, 2023

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