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Hi! I’m Laura. I believe there is a root issue attached to every unhealthy sleep symptom. My desire is to enter into the heart of each family to find the root cause, and permanently replace it with healthy sleep habits.

I have a passion for meeting parents right where they are! My goal is to come alongside each family without enforcing strict "cookie-cutter" sleep training methods.

I am a Pediatric Sleep Expert, Certified Lactation Counselor, and a mom of 7 children (+ 2 bonus sons) who has helped families for well over a decade to finally get a restful night's sleep. I've worked extensively at creating a framework for helping families worldwide that is unlike any other. I connect with parents in an intimate, nurturing way that brings about true change, confidence and stability for their families.

Are you frustrated and feel like nothing will help your infant or toddler sleep?

Have you tried everything you can think of to fix consistent sleep issues,
but can’t figure out how to change things for good?

I understand, it can be really confusing… but don’t worry you’ve landed in the right place…

• Personalized child sleep plans to meet the needs of every parent.
• Nurtured guidance with guaranteed results.
• Serving families virtually and in person

What makes me unique?

I provide:

• Relational, one-on-one coaching – No impersonal online programs!
• Gentle “no cry” strategies with fast results
• Trustworthy advice that has been proven effective for thousands of families
• Affordable packages that give tired, frustrated parents the tools to change their family dynamic permanently.

I believe:

• Every baby is different, and every baby can sleep well.
• The root causes of sleep issues must be identified and repaired with careful observation, effective strategies and continued encouragement.
• Fixing sleep issues for the long term can only be accomplished through direct communication, trust and transparency.

How does it work?

I work with families with a wide range of sleep-related issues; whether it’s fighting bedtime, waking up in the night, feeding, weaning, self-soothing, or finding out your child's wake windows.

When you work with me, you get more than baby sleep training basics and a schedule, you gain a friend who will encourage you as you navigate how to teach your little one healthy sleep habits. I'm confident I can help your infant or toddler sleep better no matter what issues you're faced with or where you are located.

What you can expect from working with me...

Together we’ll create a personalized plan that aligns with your comfort level, as well as your child’s age and personality. After we agree on the plan, you’ll spend two weeks implementing it with my guidance and encouragement throughout the process. By the end of our two weeks together your child will be falling asleep unassisted, taking long naps and sleeping through the night consistently.

It’s time to fix these sleep shenanigans for good without guesswork, discouragement and stress.

Peace-of-mind promise...

• To help you feel more confident
• To reconnect with yourself and your partner
• To make postpartum an easier, healthier and happier place to thrive
• To encourage you to find a better balance between career and family
• To fix sleep issues for the long term that is accomplished through direct communication, trust and transparency

How do we get started?

Take a deep breath and know that soon your family will be getting better quality sleep! Booking a call with me is your first step in the right direction.

During this free 15 minute evaluation call, we will discuss your child’s unique situation by gathering more information about your child’s sleep habits. We will decide together what is the right solution for your family.

Just choose a time that works best for you! Prior to our call I will send you an initial discovery form to help me prepare for our time together. I will give you a call at your scheduled time, and I am looking forward to speaking with you!


Healthy Happy Sleep


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