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Jessica Sawicki - Luli Sleep Consulting
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Hi, I’m Jessica Sawicki and I'm so happy you found me! Let me introduce myself... I am a mom of four kids, and have been working with hundreds of tired parents all over the world for the last 10 years. I have a B.A. in Communications and Journalism, and worked in the Marketing & Advertising field in my 'previous life.'

When my second son was just 21 months old, he started to jump out of the crib—at nap time, night time, and in the early morning hours! My husband and I were exhausted. Worse, we were completely at a loss; we had no idea how to get our son to sleep again. We contacted a sleep consultant. It was the best decision we could’ve made! Two weeks later he was sound asleep in his new bed!

I then decided to become a sleep consultant myself—to help parents who aren’t getting the restful nights so critical to their families’ physical and emotional well-being. I am trained and certified by Kim West, LCSW-S (a.k.a. The Sleep Lady®), and I am now a Gentle Sleep Coach. As a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, I am renewing my certification on a yearly basis with certifications and additional educational classes in the field.

As the most trusted professional baby/infant/toddler sleep consultant located in Miami, Florida, I have worked with hundreds of cases over the last 10 years. I have experience working with twins and triplets, with families all over South Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward County, as well as all over the world. I am dedicated to helping you and your family get the rest you need. With different packages to choose from, I will develop a specified plan that best suits your parenting style so we can solve your child’s sleep problems together. I can’t wait to solve your child’s sleep problems so your whole family can get back to bed and sleeping! Contact me today to set up your initial FREE call.

My Training & Certification

GSC Program Summary

The Gentle Sleep Coach Program is the first and most extensive professional sleep coaching certification program available. The program involves over 80 hours of training, an exam and participation in case supervision with Kim West, LCSW-C (a.k.a. “the Sleep Lady”). Clinical supervision and ongoing advanced training are required to maintain certification as a Gentle Sleep Coach.

Some of my training topics included:

• Basic counseling and child development
• Sleep science and behavioral modification techniques
• Secure attachment theory
• Support for the breastfeeding mother

The training also consisted of lectures from top specialists, including:

• Postpartum Depression from Dr. Shoshana Bennett, author and leading specialist on Postpartum Depression
• Medical Conditions and Sleep Apnea in Children led by Dr. Lewis Kass, Director of Children’s Sleep Center
• Sensory Processing Disorders and Sleep by Jodi Jennings, OTLR

4-5 Month Old Certification

The GSC Program also includes an exclusive advanced training series directly centered around how to gently work with babies 4 and 5 months of age. This program which I have also completed consists of over 40 hours of instruction and mentorship.

Some of the curriculum training topics include:

• In depth knowledge of the delicate nature of infants under 6 months of age and how to consider all elements of their well-being.
• Current evidence based guidelines and instruction on how to evaluate the 4-6 month old child and family and determine if the child is ready for sleep coaching.
• Gentle sleep solutions and strategies that are effective and developmentally appropriate for the younger baby.

This specialty training is designed to give coaches the knowledge, education and all the tools and resources they need to successfully work with families of babies 4-6 months of age in a safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate manner.

Is your child keeping you up all night? Are you struggling with naps and night sleep? Do you feel like you’ve read and tried everything, but none of it is working? Let me help you!

I’m the most trusted and experienced sleep consultant in South Florida. Over the last 10 years, I have helped hundreds of families all over the world get their infants, toddlers, and children sleeping soundly.

I am dedicated to ensuring you and your family get the rest you need. Schedule your first FREE 15-minute initial call today.


Luli Sleep Consulting


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