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Debbie Gerken - Sleep Like a Baby Consulting
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Are you wondering if you will ever sleep again?

Are you tired of being sleep deprived? Do you feel like you have read everything, tried everything, and listened to all of the advice and your child STILL struggles with falling asleep, staying asleep and napping?

If this is you, you have come to the right place!

Let's get you and your little one sleeping better!

Regain your sleep so you can enjoy this precious time watching your little one grow!

Working together will take you from trying to survive the exhaustion, frustration of bedtime and naps, and overwhelm of how to remedy the sleep struggles to feeling well-rested, energized, and empowered to get the sleep you and your little one needs!

Hello! I'm Debbie.

I am a mom, wife, certified registered nurse with NICU experience, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I love sleep and I love supporting families to help them find solutions that best fit their family.

Debbie Gerken, RNC-NICU brings her clinical training and experience as a nurse and her life lessons as a mom to her dedication of changing the lives of sleep deprived families.

Debbie received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and became certified in neonatal ICU over 25 years ago. Her years of caring for fragile infants and educating and supporting struggling parents truly gave her a deeper perspective on life. Being present and enjoying the moments, no matter how small, became extremely important to her.

Seeing new parents not being able to enjoy their new little one because of feelings of being overwhelmed and sleep deprived, Debbie began providing in-home newborn night nurse services. Being able to educate and support new parents and allowing them to get much needed rest has brought the enjoyment of those special moments to these parents.

Wanting to learn about gentle ways to lay down a wonderful sleep foundation for newborns as well as to help babies and children sleep better, Debbie became a Certified Gentle Coach. She is now able to bring the gift of sleep to more families by helping them learn about sleep and coaching them in finding the best answers for their family.

​​Debbie has been happily married to her best friend for 33 years. She has 3 amazing adult children who are sharing their unique gifts in their careers. When not sleep coaching, she can found exploring beautiful mountains, hiking, and indulging her love for antiquing. Most of all, she cherishes the time spent with family. With her respectful and tailored approach to sleep coaching, she is confident in the work she does with families to achieve a peaceful and restful sleep for the child, and therefore, the entire family! Don’t hit snooze on this opportunity! Work together with Debbie in 1:1 coaching and see how optimizing your child’s sleep can change your life for the better!

Sleep Support Services

Sleep Like a Baby Consulting sleep packages and support are designed to provide gentle approaches that are tailored individually to meet the need's of you and your family while focusing on your child's specific sleep struggle.

Whether you need...

• support of your newborn during the first 5 months prior to sleep coaching
• a package for 1:1 sleep coaching with minimal support or one that provides more handholding and guidance
• OR communication to help your through a struggle,

I have got you covered!

Sleep looks different to every family. Parents can have different expectations and different goals for how and where their child sleeps.

There are different options for working on optimizing sleep for your newborn - 6 years old.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute call to discuss your family's sleep challenges and learn how we can help you today!

Your sleep coaching journey starts here!


Sleep Like a Baby Consulting


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