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Julie Bergfeld Coaching
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Julie Bergfeld coaches adults 50 and older to feel their youngest by changing their relationship with food, movement and mindfulness. Through her signature SOAR methodology, Julie guides her clients to lasting success.

An accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner, she was once the USATF Women’s 50K Trail champion. The cumulative stress to both body and mind took its toll and she vowed to learn to heal herself. Although her degrees in French Literature and Journalism hadn’t prepared her for it, as an avid learner she became a Human Potential coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Human Movement Specialist in addition to being a Certified Tiny Habits coach. Ultimately, she founded her own yoga studio Metro Power Yoga where she applied all her wisdom and was considered THE place for athletes to chill out.

Julie has been a guest on podcasts such as The Brain Podcast and Mindful Money and a guest expert on several Tiny Habits Academy Panels. She is a sought-after teacher, workshop facilitator and speaker on topics related to sustenance, mindset, movement and sleep - the foundational restorative activity.

Despite her attention to health, Julie would never turn down an offer for a ride on the back of a motorcycle.

Many of my clients have doubt, indecision, self-criticism, and performance-based worth. Self-doubt can be exhausting and contribute to overwhelm, depression, and non-productive coping patterns. I work best with those who are open to learning more about themselves and who have a true interest in growth and change.

If this sounds like you, we might be a good fit. In my practice, I use the skills of active listening, refection and open-ended questions to help each client work more closely to their unique outcomes. Honestly, I don’t provide quick fixes and always let the client lead the coaching relationship.

My specialties include: habits coaching, nutrition coaching, yoga instruction, meditation guidance, mobility coaching and running coaching.

You may be unsure about what a coach can provide for you. Coaching is different from therapy in that, with coaching, the client is always in charge. As a coach, I provide active listening and reflection, not advice.

What Coaching IS:

Coaching is partnering with clients in an embodied and thought-provoking way, inspiring them to maximize their potential. Coaching is NOT mentorship, counseling therapy nor advice. It’s a safe place – a judgment-free zone – where clients can clear the fog in order to better direct the journey of change. As a coach, I help clients learn to intuitively operate from a mindset of grace in order to grow into a lifelong practice of experiential growth.

Coaching is 100% confidential and is not intended to replace medical attention. In fact, coaching can compliment many other modalities of care to better allow for client growth. Through embodied listening, coaching can help clients SOAR.

My Offerings:

• Habit Coaching – As a Tiny Habits Coach, I work with clients to clarify aspirations and develop high-impact behaviors that stick. This is the “how” I use to work with clients on establishing and breaking behaviors.
• Life Coaching – Specifically in the areas of mindfulness, anxiety reduction, self-esteem, adhd, addictive tendencies, work-life balance, assertive communication,
• Performance Coaching – Bio-Hacking to be your best self through sleep, nutrition, supplements, exercise and mental strength
• Mobility Assessment and Coaching
• Health and Wellness Coaching – specifically in the area of weight loss, food intolerances and nutrition

Each session typically runs from 45-60 minutes. Frequency of sessions (and duration) will be mutually agreed upon once you sign on as a client. Ideally, to make permanent change, our work together will span 3-6 months.

Website: https://www.JulieBergfeld.com

Julie Bergfeld Coaching

Whether it’s through getting a handle on addictive tendencies, targeted mobility work, strength training, weight loss, or reducing stress and anxiety, I’m here to show you how to live healthier and happier by helping you gain more agency over your health and life!



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