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Have a meaningful career without sacrificing time with your family.

Work from home as a pediatric sleep or parent consultant.

We’ve Trained Over 1000 Consultants Since 2014!

• Accredited Certification
• Self-Paced Training
• Affordable Tuition
• Supportive Community

Balancing work and family can be tough.

As a working parent, it can feel like you’re always letting someone down. Do you skip the board meeting? Or miss your child’s school play? Do you call in because your little one’s sick? Or do you ask Grandma to pinch-hit again? Either way, you wind up feeling guilty.

You shouldn’t have to choose between professionalism and parenthood.

Enjoy a career you want— with the flexibility you need.

As a sleep or parent consultant you can:

• Schedule your work when it works for you.
• Run a profitable business from the comfort of your own home.
• Create a meaningful life through enjoyable work.
• Be both the driven professional and devoted parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Sleep Consultant Certification Program

Access the training and support you need to launch your career as a sleep consultant.

Starting a new business is nerve-racking. That’s why your tuition includes six months of one-on-one mentoring with our founder and lead instructor, Violet Giannone.

You do want to become a sleep consultant but…
You don’t want to take a course where the instructor’s only qualifications are “sleep consultant and mom.”

Of course consulting experience and real-life empathy are valid qualifiers for any instructor. However, they shouldn’t be the only ones. Responsible, quality sleep consulting requires knowledge of medical topics like maternal mental health and infant nutrition. Plus, only medical professionals can teach you when to consult with your client’s pediatrician, how to avoid getting sued because you accidentally gave medical advice, and when to refer out if consulting isn’t an appropriate solution.

The IPSP® Sleep Consultant Certification Course is the only program taught by a Registered Nurse and endorsed by pediatricians.

Your instructors are RNs, lactation consultants, doulas, and educators with a variety of degrees and certifications. Our faculty are properly certified to teach lessons in their areas of expertise such as sleep science, breastfeeding, abusive head trauma, postpartum depression, and more. In addition, a pediatrician certified in pediatric sleep medicine and a doctor of social work advise on course materials.

When clients ask where you got your certification, you’ll feel confident knowing you were trained by actual experts.

Does this sound like you?

You want to earn an honest, realistic income from home doing something that makes a difference. You get skeptical when other work-from-home jobs promise easy 6 or 7 fig incomes working only 15 hours a week. You just want to support your family, help others, and love what you do.

You’re a nanny, doula, NCS, nurse, or other professional who wants to add sleep consulting to your services to attract more clients, make more money, and help families get better sleep.

You’re sick of begging your boss for permission to mother. You want a flexible career so you can breastfeed your newborn, cuddle your sick toddler, and finally volunteer for that class party.

You’re a stay-at-home mom who craves the freedom of working and the satisfaction of making an income. You want to be present during your kids’ precious growing-up years without waiting to honor your ambitions and build something for yourself.

You’ve experienced the transformative power of healthy sleep in your own family by working with a sleep consultant. Now, you want to rescue others from the dysfunction and dread of chronic sleepless nights.

You’ve taken another sleep consulting course and are unsatisfied because you don’t have the expert knowledge you want or the support you need to find clients. Or, you’re already consulting and struggling to help your clients achieve the wins you promised.

Most importantly…

You want an expert-level sleep consulting course that goes beyond the basics. You’re not after the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to become a certified sleep consultant. You want a course taught by medical, education, and business experts that tests your knowledge, prepares you for real-world consulting, and teaches you how to build a thriving business step by step.

If this resonates with you, the IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification Course was designed just for you.

The IPSP course curriculum prepares you for expert sleep consulting AND business ownership.

You will learn…

The Science of Sleep
including sleep cycles, the stages of sleep, and how sleep affects healthy child development.

Multiple Sleep Training Techniques
and how to adapt them to different parenting styles so you can recommend methods your clients are comfortable with.

How to Navigate Sleep-Derailing Roadblocks
like teething, pacifier elimination, separation anxiety, night weaning, illness, and more.

Your Scope of Practice
so you can know when to refer out, avoid legal trouble and feel confident when your expertise is just what your clients need to solve their problems.

Infant to School-Age Sleep Basics
so you can understand how to overcome bedtime resistance, frequent night wakings, over-tiredness, and more.

How to Create Customized Sleep Plans
with the exact sections every successful plan needs. Plus, develop your own sleep plan template and quickly and easily customize it for each client.

How to Get Clients and Run Your Business
without any guesswork. Learn the nuts and bolts of running a profitable business including marketing, insurance, liability, and more.

Related Medical Topics
with lessons on breastfeeding, SIDS, infant nutrition, postpartum mental health, safety, and more.

In addition to the course, you’ll also get…
A suite of exclusive resources to ensure your success.

Included in your tuition, accessible inside the course:

Instant access to course director Violet Giannone via email, call, or text 8am-8pm EST M-F while taking the course.

Private Facebook group of IPSP grads to share opportunities, connect with other consultants, and get help with sleep plans and tricky clients.

Easy-access library of research and consulting resources to quickly reference and share with clients during consultations.

6-months of the Rested App to easily manage and communicate with clients all in one place.

Business Marketplace with recommendations and exclusive discounts on products and services for your new business.

Printable badge and certification to display on your website from a school your future clients know and trust.

Graduate profile web page on our website, consistently ranking in the top 3 spots on the first page of Google. So you can get clients and help skeptics confirm the legitimacy of your certification.

Lifetime access to the course, including free trainings and continuing education.

Here's what you can expect inside the IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification Course:

IPSP Reviews Sleep Consultant Certification Sneak Peek
IPSP Reviews Sleep Consultant Certification Sneak Peek

We won’t leave you to figure it out on your own.
Get your first paid client within 30 days with access to a proven, 3-step method.

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