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Susan Menkes - Healthy Little Sleepers
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Is your baby waking multiple times in a night, taking short catnaps, crawling into your bed every night, climbing out of the crib, or needing a particular rocking motion to sleep? You're not alone; many parents get wrapped up in soothing strategies or feel caught in playing a game of cat and mouse that ends up hindering sleep in the long-run. And everyone is EXHAUSTED! I'm here to support you and get your baby or toddler to be a Healthy Little Sleeper!

I work with families, like yours, to create customized sleep plans based on the particular goals of each family. I love helping families get the much needed rest, so you can start feeling somewhat like yourself again (... at least, somewhat). Feeling tired is an understatement! I look forward to taking away the worry over doing the "right" thing by helping you understand the basic tenants of your little one's sleep and getting the whole family the rest you need...

Meet Susie

Hi there! I'm Susie... founder of Healthy Little Sleepers - I’ve been helping little ones and their families since 2012.

When I had my first babe (my son, Tyler) my world felt like it was turned upside down for the better and for mere, “Oh crap, what do I do!?!” I knew a TON about development, but sleep was a whole other ball game!

So, I did what I knew best and turned to evidence-based research on sleep - cause let’s face it… every other book was contradicting one another, and I was fearful in making the wrong decision for my little baby.

Through trial and error and paying so many dues to figure out how to get my little one to sleep, I came up with a map (so-to-speak) that led my first baby to sleep through the night at 4 mos and take 3 predictable naps during the day (the naps took some time to come together, but they did!).

I put what I knew and learned from lots and lots of reading and researching into practice and the results were amazing. It was so amazing that when I had my daughter, I started shaping healthy sleep habits even earlier with her based on all my acquired sleep knowledge, and she was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old! (… and this is exactly what I teach in my age-specific course for 0 to 3 month olds - not sleep training… putting healthy practices into place).

When not immersed in all things development and sleep, you can find me baking with my kids, sneaking in a workout, and if I’m lucky - a show… currently, Survivor or Top Chef.

About Me

Susie has consulted for top parenting sites including Regalo, VeryWell Family, Joovy, Shondaland’s Katie’s Crib, Bump Club & Beyond, (to name a few), and she enjoys giving sleep talks for families and loves working hand-in-hand supporting you every step of the way.

She is an active member in the Society of Research in Child Development and the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and serves on the Medical Advisory Board for What’s Up Moms (The #1 Parenting YouTube Channel).

Sleep Solutions for a Well-Rested Family

One-On-One Sleep Consultation

This package is great for parents seeking help with sleep and feeding schedules, nap transitions, bedtime battles, crib to bed transitions, sleeping through the night, and more! This plan includes:
Healthy Little Sleepers - Sleep Training

• Review of intake form outlining your baby or child's current sleep habits and your concerns (prior to consult).
• A 1-hour phone/video consultation to further discuss concerns and solutions to your baby or child's sleep issues.
• A customized sleep plan with respect to your baby's developmental age that aligns with your parenting philosophy, values, and needs.
• Two weeks of unlimited follow-up coaching and support to answer questions along the way as you implement your new plan.
• You'll receive your customized sleep plan within 24-48 hours of your consultation.

Your in-home consultation includes the above, PLUS support on your first night for 2 hours (not overnight). We come to your home the first night of starting your plan and support you and further discuss the plan and answer any questions (after your little one falls asleep!).

Hourly Consultation

This one hour phone consultation is perfect for parents seeking advice on a particular area of sleep, behaviors, or parenting in general.

The hour consult is designed for current and returning clients who would like additional support either with their package or down the road. And of course, if we haven’t worked together and you had a good thing going and things started going south, this can be helpful for you too!


An overnight you say!?! Why would I use this? Well, parents have varying needs and sometimes an overnight stay is just what's needed to help set you on the right track. I am there with you every step of the way... to guide and support you. Sometimes it's really hard to stay consistent in the middle of the night, and it's really easy to fall back into previous habits when you are SO exhausted. Whatever the reason, you're not alone! So, what does this include...

The In-home consult... PLUS

• I come to your home and stay the night coaching and supporting you every step of the way.
• I am involved as much or as little as you need me to be... I work based on your needs and what method you decide to implement to teach your baby to sleep. But, you can know if your baby is up, I am awake with your little one too!

How many nights? Most parents choose anywhere between 1-3 nights.

What are the hours? Every situation is different and tailored to your needs, but you can assume I am all yours from 5pm to 5am for an overnight. Extended hours can be added on.

Book Your Free 15 Minute Call

This 15-minute conversation is an opportunity to get to know one another, talk about the challenges you are having with your little one, and discuss what options might be best to work together. This call is not intended to give you specific advice about your situation; I need to know a lot of details which takes a much longer conversation. Every family and every little one is different, so part of my job is to really understand what is going on with you and your family.

On this call you also have the opportunity to not only tell me about your little one's sleep and your concerns, but ask any questions about me, how I work, the process, my experience, my philosophy, research, you name it. This is a time for us to become more acquainted. At the end of the day, this call is to help you make an informed decision and feel comfortable moving forward together. I am here to help you and guide you through this process.

Look forward to talking with you!


Healthy Little Sleepers


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