Dr. Alka Patel – The Health Hacktivation Doctor

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Dr. Alka Patel - The Health Hacktivation Doctor
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I’m Dr Alka - also known as The Health Hacktivation Doctor!

I'm guiding high-profile entrepreneurs, executives and experts through Lifestyle-Optimisation and Age-Reversal, with cutting-edge, data-driven health hacks

As a doctor, coach, speaker, author and podcaster, my mission is to provide you with the latest information and innovations in health so that you can make trusted decisions about your lifestyle and self-care choices.

My passion is to merge innate intuition with transformative technology so that you can live with longevity, impact, vitality and energy – this is your time to L.I.V.E.!

Welcome To The Strategic Self-Care Revolution!

As a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and GP I provide expert lifestyle focused guidance on health bespoke to you.

As a Longevity Expert and Coach I help you create goals, set actions and develop micro-habits to optimise your lifespan and healthspan and ensure lasting change and success in your ambitions.

And as a Businesswoman I ensure alignment betwen your business goals and health goals.

I promise you that the investment you make in yourself will be one of the best you've ever made.

When you work on you, it has a ripple effect through the whole of your life, Your health, your business, your career, your relationships, your creativity, your productivty and your abilty to view the world from a positive place.


Do you want to achieve optimised health and overcome your most pressing health challenges?

If you want to overhaul your lifestyle to live longer, younger, stronger and eat healthily, exercise more, sleep better, feel energised, lose weight, minimise medication, prevent, reduce and reverse long term illness and be in charge of your lifespan and healthspan, then together we will explore your personal vision for health and wellness, undertake cutting-edge testing to provide personalised data and set goals to get you on the path to optimal health.

And I’ll provide you with a unique LIFESTYLE FIRST PRESCRIPTION® for health...without pills!

Website: https://DrAlkaPatel.com

Dr. Alka Patel


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