Want to sleep better and get more out of life? My name is Stone Evans and I can help you. 😴

As a Certified Sleep and Recovery Coach, my goal is to help you sleep better by identifying the core influences that are currently affecting your sleep quality, and to support you in making helpful changes to your habits, lifestyle, nutrition and environment that will empower you achieve better sleep consistently.

My goal with this website is to empower you with the knowledge and tools that will allow you to coach yourself to better sleep using the same assessments, recommendations and tools that I’ve learned and utilized in my journey to become a sleep coach. If you are looking for personal assistance to help you sleep better, I’m organizing the most comprehensive directory of sleep coaches online which you will find here.

What is a sleep coach? Through the lens of my training, a sleep coach is an individual/healthcare practitioner that understands sleep, recovery, and circadian biology all through the lens of behavioral coaching. They are a valuable member of the healthcare team who guides clients to behavior and lifestyle changes that improve their sleep and ability to recover. They understand their scope of practice, can appropriately screen for red flags & knows how and when to refer out to other healthcare professionals.

My sleep coaching process is based on the “Simple Six to Sleep” system.

Simple Six to Sleep
Simple Six to Sleep

This is a normally a 6-8 week process which focuses on 6 key areas to improve your sleep quality. Here’s a summary of the six stages of my sleep coaching process:

  1. Assessment/Baseline (medical history, prioritization, focus points)
  2. Behavioral (thoughts, emotions, habits, perceptions)
  3. Circadian Entrainment (chronotype, alignment, circadian variables)
  4. Stress Management (evaluation, techniques)
  5. Lifestyle/Environment (caffeine, alchohol, bedroom and environment)
  6. Future Success (routines, relapses, prevention, long term health)

Sleeping well consistently often requires more than good sleep hygiene. When you look for answers online, you will find countless tips, tricks, hacks and supplements that promise you better sleep. But the truth is that many people try a lot of these things and they don’t work to help that person sleep better.

There are many variables in addition to good sleep hygiene (exposure to bright and blue light in the evening, dark room/blackout curtains, cool bedroom temperature, not eating close to bedtime, etc.) that can affect the quality of your sleep. The sleep coaching process above will help you identify the factors that are contributing to your poor sleep quality, and make changes so that you can start sleeping better.

This graphic shows some of the most important factors that are contributing to quality of your sleep:

Sleep Factors
Sleep Factors

My sleep coaching process follows a “Hierarchy of Sleep Optimization” which places Behaviors as the most important place to start when you are working to improve the quality of your sleep. This is followed by Circadian Rhythm Entrainment, Stress Management and then Lifestyle as shown in the graphic below.

Hierarchy of Sleep Optimization
Hierarchy of Sleep Optimization

Through the sleep coaching assessment process that you will find on this website, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses in the 5 “sleep buckets” that must be filled to sufficient levels in order to improve and optimize your sleep quality. These include (…) as shown in the graphic below.

Sleep Buckets
Sleep Buckets

Note: The content of this website is currently in development. Please check back regularly for updates.

If you want help to start sleeping better, I encourage you to find a qualified sleep coach in our directory:

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