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I am also not a great sleeper, and often find myself wanting to doze off during the day because I never seem to get more than six hours at night. I prefer not to take anything, as so many have said that it is easy to get addicted, but sometimes I do drink chamomile tea before bed which does help one to relax. But there again, I don’t do it every night.

I fall asleep easily most nights, but I always wake up from about 2 am which is so annoying as once awake I can’t go to sleep again.


Hi there! Thank you for shining some light into this topic. The whole cannabis-sleep connection is pretty eye-opening, right? I mean, who would’ve thought it could be a game-changer for so many folks struggling with sleep issues? The study’s dive into how people actually feel after using cannabis for sleep, comparing it to the usual over-the-counter and prescription stuff, is both surprising and kinda cool – been there, done that! 

I’m curious, though, about the trade-offs. The fact that cannabis users feel more focused and relaxed the next morning but might deal with anxiety or irritability is a bit of a puzzle. It’s like you’re trading one set of sleep problems for another. I already have anxiety and depression. I don’t want a double dose of the same illness. That’s basically my only concern for now. 


Hi! Thanks for your post. To be honest, I used to smoke a lot of cannabis before. I couldn’t go to sleep without smoking, but then I decided to change it. I couldn’t sleep two nights and the third night I slept very well. I didn’t know that time abount CBD, only THC was known to me. Today we know that there is medical cannabis without THC and it helps people to defeat many diseases.

Kind regards!

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