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Understanding sleep is like unraveling a mystery! The intricacies of the brain’s repair and memory processes during sleep are fascinating. Just when I thought I knew – almost – everything about sleep, I came across this piece and my mind was blown. The discussion on circadian rhythms sheds light on how our bodies sync with the Earth’s rotation. The importance of sleep for overall health is undeniable, impacting physical, emotional, and mental well-being – I’ve been there and it truly becomes overwhelming at times. Thank you for sharing this piece of information with all of us. 


This is Great. I have just been researching sleep and I could not have stumbled across your mission to help the world sleep better at a better time. This answers the questions about the different types of sleep and what happens to you during that time. I know I’m not getting enough sleep, and must take it more seriously which I’m sure my health will benefit from. Many thanks.


Your detailed exploration of sleep stages and circadian rhythms is truly enlightening. I’m particularly intrigued by the section on the reasons behind forgetting dreams during REM sleep. Have you considered delving into strategies for enhancing dream recall? Perhaps something like maintaining a dream journal or other practices? It could add an interesting dimension to your already fantastic content. Looking forward to more insightful posts! 😴🌙

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