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Ting Ting Child Sleep Consulting
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Hi, I’m Ting Ting! This is my journey to regain sleep and sanity.

As the founder and owner of Ting Ting Child Sleep Consulting, I get the privilege of helping parents around the world to create culturally appropriate and bilingual (English and Mandarin) sleep solutions for their families.

Before moving to the U.S., I spent two decades of my life in China, where co-sleeping is embedded in the culture.

In fact, up until I was 7 years old and my sister was 3, the whole family (all 4 of us!) slept in the same bed. It’s not that we couldn’t afford another bed; parents co-sleeping with their kids was just the norm. As a result, I didn’t feel like I had any privacy during my childhood.

When I got pregnant, I was determined to let my son sleep in his own crib. But…

“That’s impossible! Babies naturally sleep better when they co-sleep!” my mother exclaimed when she heard my plan.

Right after my son was born, I soon discovered that he was a terrible napper and an incredibly sensitive sleeper. Between the multiple 30-minute cat naps he took throughout the day, and the early 5 A.M. wakings, it wasn’t long before his irregular sleep schedule threw my schedule out of order.

Even with help from a newborn care specialist, every time when I feed or rock my son back to sleep in the middle of the night, I doubt my decision of not co-sleeping.

Was my mom right? Should I co-sleep? Was he waking up because of digestive problems? Was he really hungry?

This stream of questions, compounded with a heap of self-doubts and my mother’s guilt, overwhelmed me as a new parent. I became the worst version of myself, picking fights with my husband, and hated the feeling of losing control.

Five months in, I was still searching for answers. Then, I made the best decision in motherhood – hiring a child sleep consultant.

After only 3 nights of sleep training, my son slept through the night from 7 P.M. to 7 A.M.

Two weeks later, all of his naps fell into place.

I went from having only an hour to myself during the day to 4 hours of free time, and felt like I could finally breathe again.

After regaining this sense of normalcy in my life, I started noticing how many of my friends were experiencing problems with their children’s sleep patterns and erratic sleep schedules. Some wanted to end co-sleeping; others were exhausted by non-stop night wakings.

Encouraged by my career coach, I decided to make a bold career change – to become a certified Child Sleep Consultant to help other families. Propelled by my passion and purpose, I enrolled in the certification program at the Family Sleep Institute founded by Deborah Pedrick, a pioneer in Child Sleep Consulting. Through the program, I learned comprehensive, evidence-based pediatric sleep solutions to help parents establish and maintain a healthy sleep foundation for their children. Upon completion, I immediately began putting my newfound knowledge into practice – meeting different households, getting to know parents of all backgrounds, and supporting children of all ages.

Working with families to reclaim their rest has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had and I am loving every second of it.

I look forward to sharing in your journey next.

Sleep: the lifetime gift for your child.

Equipping you with a step-by-step, easy-to-follow and effective sleep plan – customized for you – so your precious little one and the whole family can get the rest they need.

Sleep to Thrive

Sleep is an essential building block for the development of children’s mental and physical health.

However, if you’re currently feeling like it’s impossible to get your child to fall asleep – and stay asleep – which is causing your own life to fall into endless chaos, don’t worry.

You are not alone.

I used to be one of thousands of parents who struggled with their child’s short naps, bedtime battles, and frequent night wakings. Hiring a child sleep consultant was one of the best decisions I made as a parent. Through learning a variety of child sleep training methods and implementing a steady checklist of healthy sleep habits, my family returned to a sense of normalcy – and our new practices changed our lives. For the better and forever.

Motivated by the firsthand knowledge of how sleep training is truly life-changing, I sought to help other parents who experienced the same challenges.

After getting certified as a Child Sleep Consultant at the Family Sleep Institute, I now actively and happily provide consultation services for parents to not only end sleepless nights, but also find a rhythm of life that is tailored to help each family grow and thrive.

Every family is different, every household is different, and every child is different.

What everyone is entitled to is the same: peaceful sleep, and the peace of mind that follows.

Sleep Packages

If you are tired, overwhelmed, or frustrated by your child’s sleep situation, I am here to hold your hand in bringing your life back to order. Working collaboratively with you, I will be your personal champion to restore stability and regain security.

Prenatal and Newborn (< 16 weeks)

Are you expecting? Or just became a first-time parent? CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve a big round of applause! For centuries, parents have been branded with the idea that having a newborn means NO SLEEP. But, sleep deprivation should not be the essential byproduct of being a parent! You can minimize your baby’s sleep loss, so you can be at your personal best to raise your child. Let’s work together to establish sustainable sleep practices to put – and preserve – in place for your precious little one. I will teach you the key components to build a healthy sleep foundation in the first four months of your baby’s biological age. Keep both you and your baby ready and bright-eyed for all kinds of fresh adventures together!

Babies & Young Toddlers (16 Weeks - 2 Years)

The number of sleep issues for your baby's first two years can feel infinite. Feeling helpless? Help is on the way. The most common sleep obstacles that I can empower you to tackle include: feeding or rocking to sleep, frequent wakings and long-time wake windows at night, early wakings in the morning, short or no naps during daytime and challenges to end co-sleeping. I want you to name your struggle, and I will work tirelessly to help you solve it.

Toddlers & Big Kids (2 Years - 6 Years)

Are you willing to give up everything for your big kid to take a midday nap and fall asleep by 7PM without your presence? But your child just won't comply. Requests just keep coming: "one more story", "I need my favorite toy", "go to the bathroom one more time", "get another sip of water", "Mommy or Daddy has to stay until I fall asleep". Otherwise, diapers come off, temper tantrums show up, screaming and crying persist, and you are about to surrender. Whichever type of nap disasters and nighttime problems you’re facing, I will give you the proper tools you need to transform these bedtime battles into sweet victories – for both parties.

Aftercare…zzz (Newborn to 6 Years)

Every parent secretly hopes that their baby's sleep will be a smooth sail after sleep training. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. Babies go through different phases, such as Wonder Weeks (Mental Leaps), teething and nap transitions, and their sleep might get disrupted during these special periods. I will provide continuous support for families who purchased my full-price packages. Together, we can bring your child's sleep back on track!

Questions before getting started? Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation!

I will learn more about your child's sleep habits, daily schedules and your parenting style. That way, I can set up sleep goals for your baby, explain the most effective approach and you can decide if my services are a good fit.

Website: https://www.TingTingSleep.com

Ting Ting Child Sleep Consulting


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