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I was aware that sleep deprivation had a significant impact on our health. However, I didn’t know that it took as little as missing an hour to make that big of difference.

Missing sleep can also make us age faster and even look older sooner in life. When we sleep is when our skin does its repairing and regenerating, so not sleeping enough will definitely takes its toll on our skin.

Something I wonder about is those who work a 3rd shift job. If they are getting enough sleep, does it matter when they are getting it or does their schedule have an impact on their health?


So, I think it’s obvious that sleep deprivation has effects on the heart and brain. And I gotta say, it’s quite an interesting topic. Sleep is something we all need, but sometimes we underestimate its importance. I can totally relate to that because I used to have trouble getting enough sleep myself. It really took a toll on my health and overall well-being. I had trouble concentrating, felt tired all the time, and even experienced some memory issues. But I am still in my mid 20s… but I gotta work to earn a living and then study at the same time. So, I can totally understand how sleep deprivation can have significant effects on our hearts and brains. It’s not something to be taken lightly. But it’s easier said than done to get those Zzzs in!

Carol Barnes

As someone who balances family, and social life, this article hits home. It’s shocking how even a little sleep deprivation can damage our health. The research on sleep deprivation’s effects on cardiovascular health and dementia risk are compelling.

The research shows that sleep deprivation weakens cells that protect blood vessels, increasing free radical generation. It shows how sleep deprivation increases cardiovascular disease risk. The research linking reduced deep sleep to dementia risk over time is also troubling.

I like how these studies emphasize the significance of sleep for mental and physical health. It should make us reassess the importance of sleep and the long-term effects of forsaking it for other pursuits. This reminds us to choose sleep over staying up late.

Excellent article, very informative.

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