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Amen! This is such an important point to make! Not just to sleep better, but to live a bigger life. I’m always stunned by people thinking and living their lives as if they could live off others, taking other’s energy, and then being able to sleep at night. I guess some can, If they are really ignorant, but in the end I think the universal energies will get them. Thanks for a wonderful post!

Linden Thorp

This is a wonderful well-established site dedicated to nature’s prime healing tool, sleep. I’m so surprised to find there are qualified sleep coaches in the world!

I’m a mindful educator and meditation teacher so of course sound sleep is always on my agenda and some techniques I use do improve sleep. So, I’m fascinated to know more about the techniques you utilize and your training, etc. Do you only work physically with clients or are you using the internet too and going further afield? Fascinating.

I think you’ve thought of everything and focused fully on sleep for the layman but I think your approach might benefit from some more scientific/psychiatric articles/input about how sleep works on the unconscious level, etc., and a mention of mindfulness in daily life—very fashionable at this time of pandemics, WFH, etc.— would widen your horizons and audience.

It will give your authority a boost and create even more credibility for your visitors. I also think your About page would benefit from a short video of you talking directly to your visitors to leverage personal trust in the internet market.

I really enjoyed visiting you and would be pleased if we could collaborate in some way as happiness and well-being/balance are my stock in trade, too.

All the very best of success and sweet dreams.

Linden Thorp (Jambhala Wealth + FlourishWriteConsult)


The intersection of compassion and sleep, as illuminated by this study, not only intrigues but prompts a contemplation of the profound interplay between our emotional tendencies and the quality of our rest. It’s fascinating to consider how those inclined toward compassion seem to reap the benefits of prolonged, undisturbed sleep and diminished daytime fatigue. The potential link between lower depression symptoms and compassionate tendencies underscores the intricate dance between mental well-being and our nightly repose.

While the study hints at the positive effects of compassion on sleep, it leaves me pondering the underlying mechanisms that weave these threads together. Could it be that the emotional resilience fostered by compassion acts as a shield against the disturbances that often accompany sleep disruptions? The suggestion that compassion, whether directed inward or outward, might serve as a buffer against depressive symptoms adds another layer to the narrative.

As someone who values the nuances of human behavior, this exploration sparks a curiosity about the broader implications. How might fostering compassion, especially during the holiday season with its emphasis on goodwill, influence not just our nights but our overall well-being? The idea that intentional acts of kindness could contribute to a more restful sleep adds a compelling incentive to infuse our lives with compassion, not just for others but perhaps as a gift to ourselves—a gift of tranquil nights and refreshed mornings.

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