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We get it! You are tired.

Sleep is wellness, and that’s why we’re here: when we give you back your sleep, we give you back your life balance so you can enjoy parenthood without sacrificing your health, relationships, and family dynamics.

Your family dynamics and your little ones are unique. At Not A Peep, our sleep training consultants strive to provide sleep-friendly solutions tailored to each of your needs. Guaranteed results.

About Maria

María Clara López is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant holds a B.A in Psychology from Georgia State University and is the founder of Not A Peep.

I founded Not A Peep with ONE thing in mind: making parenthood enjoyable for everyone. Because when one member of the family is sleep deprived, no one is happy. I once was a tired mom too! I thank my oldest older, Alina, for the very existence of Not A Peep.

Through Not A Peep, I have had the fortune of helping over 900 families around the world. I was born and raised in Colombia, and I currently live in Philadelphia with my husband and three girls. When I am not helping families, you can find me giving workshops, dancing in my kitchen, riding my bicycle along the Delaware river, and watching Miraculous on repeat with my girls.

Our Method

We get it! You are tired. Your family is unique and your child has specific needs. This is why our sleep plans are easy to follow and tailored to your specific needs. We designed an Á la carte menu of services to make sure we meet you where you need us the most. We are here to help you.

From sleep shaping programs for newborns to gentle sleep training for babies and children, we help you regain your life balance and sleep again while offering support and responding to your child as we teach them healthy sleep habits that will stay with them forever.

Our sleep shaping program gently builds healthy sleep habits over time that stay with your little one forever. Get your baby on track from the beginning so that you don’t have to lose (too much) sleep.

We will work together to create an ideal sleep environment for your baby, establish routines, and learn your infant’s cues.

Our Certified Sleep Consultants Can Help You & Your Baby Rest Again

We know that sleep vital! It is essential for healthy development, clear minds, and productive days. Sleep deprivation makes managing work, home life, and the new responsibilities of parenting beyond tough – it feels impossible.

For babies, children, and adults alike, sleep quality directly influences immune function, weight management, memory, and mood. Finding a way to restore your family’s healthy sleep patterns should be a top priority.

Before accepting the idea that parenthood and sleepless nights are an inevitable part of life, your supportive sleep specialist is here to help you restore a restful rhythm. From a place of empathy, and with evidence-based and gentle sleep programs, we offer sleep training plans tailored to your family’s and your little one’s specific needs . Our sleep coaches can help you discover a world of better sleep and easier bedtime routines through private sleep coaching, one on one care, and a personalized plans.

Best Sleep Coach in Philadelphia For Newborns, Babies, & Toddlers

While there’s no such thing as a magic sleep program, our certified sleep experts specialize in identifying the key issues and solving sleep challenges with personalized sleep training methods. And, helping you find a better night’s rest is just as important as satisfying your infant or child to sleep better! Our sleep specialists are big-picture sleep consultants, offering a balanced mix of one-on-one sleep training sessions, certified sleep programs, and insider’s sleep training tips to support you and your baby’s wellness.

We support families not only in Philadelphia but nationwide and even worldwide! No matter where you are, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Why Work With Our Sleep Experts?

• We offer sleep packages for babies, toddlers, and kids ages 0-10 years old
• We provide gentle sleep training methods tailored to each family
• We guarantee results with proven sleep training methods
• We were awarded Best Sleep Consultants in 2021
• Our sleep specialists care about your well-being & understand the importance of a good night’s rest for every member of the family

Perfect for any stage of development and sleep-related hurdle, our individualized sleep coaching is designed to serve as an ongoing beacon of support. Ranked among the best sleep consultants in Delaware, we are not sleep trainers who offer cookie-cutter advice and hope for the best. Our sleep training consultants take an active interest in your story, supplying real-time feedback and ongoing support until we achieve your sleep training goals with consistency and quality.

Until your restful nights have been restored, our baby sleep consultants in NYC and Philadelphia will continue to connect you with useful pediatric techniques and nurturing infant services like:

• Nighttime routine planning to establish healthier habits
• Punishment-free sleep program steps that are safe and natural
• Environment planning to improve the ambiance and promote restful schedules
• Proven pediatric recommendations for crying babies, infant feeding strategies, active toddlers, and more…

Pediatric Sleep Training at Not a Peep is Personal

To connect you with the most appropriate sleep training in NJ or Philadelphia, our pediatric sleep specialists offer our clients a diversity of accessible service options. For newborns and babies, partnering with our sleep experts for an in-home sleep consultation, nursery assessment, and real-time observation is a great way to identify and resolve primary sleep concerns.

Sleep coaching is a highly personal experience, and the more information our infant sleep specialists have upfront, the more helpful our sleep training coaches can be! Our in-home sleep coach in Main Line, PA will help you evaluate a range of relevant baby or toddler factors, before outlining several practical steps you can start to use on day one. Whether the customized plan involves proactive newborn feeding schedules, soothing nursery improvements, or a combination of in-home sleep training methods to calm energetic toddlers, we are here to stop sleep deprivation for good!

Along with our highly personalized in-home sleep training consulting, our private sleep consultants are here to accommodate your life in any way that we can. Our certified sleep training includes easily accessible services like:

• Virtual consultations with sleep expert follow-up emails
• Newborn sleep-shaping classes
• After-hours text messaging support for late-night sleep troubles
• Extended sleep training coaching for 3-12 months
• Certified education and resources to maintain the progress long after our in-home sleep consulting sessions are complete!

Whether toddler nap troubles or your baby’s nighttime wakefulness is limiting your family’s lifestyle, finding your restorative and peaceful nights can become a reality with our services. To learn more about our best service options for newborns, toddlers, children, and you, our certified sleep specialists in Tulsa and sleep consultants in the Bay Area and Philadelphia can start helping today.

Who Can Benefit From Sleep Help?

Every family member benefits from our personalized sleep coaching! With our guidance, our sleep-solving services teach tires parents how to help newborns sleep, and promote healthier sleep habits for deeper and more restful sleep for babies, toddlers and parents alike. We believe that rested parents are present parents; that is a win for everyone!

Let our sleep coaches guide you. With our newborn and baby programs, we will use sleep shaping to establish healthy sleep habits, teach you how to set up your nursery, and soothing soothing techniques to make the process as gentle as possible. To help your toddler sleep through the night, we’ll help you navigate and resolve the source of common sleep hurdles like fear of sleeping alone or energetic midnight wakefulness.

After learning more about your restless situation and bedtime hurdles, our sleep training consultants will connect you with a variety of practical and easy-to-incorporate ideas. Since many sleepy challenges stem from overlapping factors like environment, routine, and stages of development, it’s important to find sleep help that addresses all of the influences as they apply to your family’s specific situation.

The best part about learning how to help your newborn or toddler sleep better at Not a Peep? Our personalized sleep help revolves around gentle, nurturing, and natural strategies. With your family’s balanced wellness in mind, here’s how we can help your newborn, infant, toddler, and you sleep better:

• Establish a peaceful and safe nursery environment
• Organize a better nighttime routine for sustainable sleep benefits
• Offer real-time advice and insights as you and your child’s needs evolve
• Teach you how to prevent and resolve the source of typical sleep disruptors as your newborn, infant, or toddler grows
• & More personalized sleep strategies that align with your evolving family dynamic

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