Jenni June – Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant

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Jenni June - Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant
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You have got to get some sleep.

If you’re like most parents I talk to you, you’re at the end of your rope when it comes to your child’s sleep challenges. You love them (of course!), but—at the moment, anyway—sleep deprivation has a chokehold on your home.

Which makes you feel guilty. And more than a little desperate.

You just want to get some sleep! And On the list of Hard Things About Parenting, bedtime and naps are among the top five. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I teach science-backed sleep strategies so you and your family can get good, natural, healthy sleep (without all the bed and naptime battles).

4 Pillars Of Sleep Hygiene®

If you feel like you’ve tried “everything” to get your child to sleep—every book, every program, every consultant—and nothing’s worked, it’s because most sleep resources skip crucial pieces of the puzzle: the 4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene® and habit loops. And how simply and powerfully they work together.

This includes essential practices and habits that support healthy sleep. Based on the science of circadian rhythms (our body’s internal clock). This is a prerequisite for any behavioral sleep training method. Habit Loops address the neurological component of how habits are changed, and powerful new ones are formed.

In 2012, I began disrupting the entire field of sleep training by introducing parents, medical professionals, other sleep consultants, and national media, to this whole child whole day approach to sleep training, and the results have been life-changing for thousands of families.

I have four kids of my own (street cred!) — And I take sleep really seriously.


• Family Sleep Institute
• International Maternity and Parenting Institute
• The Center for Breastfeeding and Healthy Child (CLC)
• Infant Mental Health Community Training Institute
• The Breathe Institute (Breathe Baby)
• SIDS and Safe Sleep Educator (Canadian Sleep Society)
• Pediatric Feeding – Best Practices (Talk Tools)
• Birth Doula


• The Doctors TV Show (child sleep expert)
• The Breathe Institute (faculty member and collaborative partner)
• FamiLeague (resident sleep and baby care host and educator)
• National Sleep Foundation
• International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
• Association of Professional Sleep Consultants
• International Association for Child Safety

Parenting has enough challenges. Losing sleep doesn’t have to be one of them.

Jenni June’s trademarked primary focus of work which includes a tightly prescribed sleep plan and easy to follow daily schedule for children ages 4-months to 8-years.

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Jenni June - Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant


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