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Carla Butler - Ora Sleep Coaching
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Do you want to:

• end the constant cycle of fatigue and exhaustion?
• take ownership of your health now and into the future?
• stop spending hours in bed awake, wishing you were asleep?
• recover your zest for life?

You’ve already tried everything:

• googling things like 'sleep help' but ending up with endless lists which left you overwhelmed
• seeing your GP for advice but receiving a sleep aid prescription instead
• distracting yourself with your phone, laptop or TV in the middle of the night
• random supplements, teas and oils

You feel like you're continuously chasing your tail trying to manage your sleep and stress.

Your anxious brain is keeping you awake every night and its getting harder and harder to manage the challenges of everyday life.

You’re smart and independent. You feel like you should be able to sort this sleep problem yourself.

But nothing is changing. You need to do something.

Because you know that this is more than just ‘sleep’. It’s your health, your relationships and your happiness on the line too.

Hey, I’m Carla! And just like you, I also used to struggle with one of the most important human needs - sleep.

It started when I was working a highly stressful and unenjoyable job. I was tired, emotional and strung out.

I was drinking nightly to de-stress and then going to bed only to lie awake for hours watching the clock and calculating how much sleep I wasn't getting.

My crappy sleep was also affecting my relationship. I was emotional, unreasonable and often flew off the handle at the tiniest of issues.

But I hadn't even made the connection of sleep on my health yet. I had no idea how it could effect me later in life.

I spent years trying all the tricks and hacks but nothing consistently worked.

Then, when my Dad passed away unexpectedly, the reality of my sleep “issue” became crystal clear because I realised how similar our lifestyles were.

With both parents now gone (mum had passed away 3 years earlier) I realised it was likely that I was also on a path to a pre-mature death. So I decided it was time to go deeper into my health and figure out where the hell I was going wrong with this sleep stuff.

I spent hours deep in study and research - all to fix my own issues. I applied all this knew knowledge to myself and, what do you know, it worked!

Then it dawned to me that this could be an opportunity to help others who were struggling.

So I continued to study and started building a sleep improvement framework I could start using with clients.

Book a free Sleep Coaching Clarity Call with me today!

Ready to change your life with private coaching? It's a big investment (both of your time and your money) so lets have a chat about what is going on for you, get to know each other a little and talk about what working together would look like. This call is about making sure that this is the best option for you right now (and if it's not that's OK too!).

Looking forward to meeting you!


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