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After having no job, I’ve gotten back into coffee after giving it up for 1-2 years to stay up and study. Usually if I’m going to do some physical work I don’t use coffee but if it’s for studying, reading or writing. I do use coffee. Unless it’s close to 3am in the morning then I don’t drink it. I use to drink cups of coffee and believe it or not 4-5 big cans of energy drinks a day which is why I gave up coffee and energy drinks for 2 years because of future heart problems. I still despise energy drinks. Never drinking them again. Water, fruit or exercise is the answer to energy drinks. Coffee is a great if you need to focus though.


Coffee’s got its perks, like giving you a pick-me-up and sharpening your focus. Some say it’s good for your brain and lowers the risk of certain diseases. As long as we keep it in moderation, I believe it’s good. But I have never tried taking more than 2 cups a day. So I guess too much coffee or having it late night can mess with your sleep. But I do recall taking a milk tea at night, and it did mess up my sleep a couple of times. 

I better watch out for piling on too many additives on my coffee, too.


This makes sense to me. I’m not a coffee-drinker due to religious reasons, but I have noticed that my reaction to caffeine is often different than others. Where they feel energized and like they get a little mood boost, I often felt more anxious and maybe even more tired. It’s interesting that things like sleep quality, hydration, and genetics can make such a difference in the impact caffeine has.