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What a Great Looking website. It’s well setup and I love your color choices. It’s very easy to navigate and the use of graphs and charts really highlights your point.  I have lost many hours of sleep over financial worries. Sleep is so important and this was a very interesting read. I have learned a lot from this article. This is something I will keep an eye on and try and improve my sleep.


I am glad to have found a site that talks only about sleep, as I have been struggling with my sleep for over 14 years now. From not being able the fall asleep to not being able to stay sleep, it is depressing! Financial worries are something that can keep me awake as well. It is interesting to see how this mostly concerns women. I thought it would be the opposite. The solution you provide could be great so I will be writing down all my financial worries now before going to sleep.


Hi there and thank you for sharing these great insights for the human health. I guess it’s not just that I want more money, but my sleep too for my health. 🤭 So then it’s true, we all would sleep better with having more money? Let’s not forget about those who don’t sleep because of their money, or regardless, not having financial problems. Such as in your post, solutions are available for all cases.

Thank you for the great job you are doing by helping people know how to live healthier and so, a better life. Idem

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