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Thank you so much for a super interesting post! My wife has problems with falling asleep / falling back to sleep after waking up in the night. The tips for how to improve chances of getting a good night sleep were super, we’re definitely trying these. And thank you for a really nicely written post! 


Indeed, humans need sleep to recharge and to regenerate. Indeed, when you are deprived of sleep, you can become insane or even die! It’s been proven with prisoners that were deprived of sleep as a way to torture. It’s true that many adults need 7 hours of sleep. In the past, I worked a lot and could have only 2 hours of sleep. But now I take time to sleep better even if I wake up late!

Jake Devins

Now that I am getting older I really need my sleep. When I was younger I could eat junk food and not sleep and I would be just fine. Now if I don’t eat well and if I don’t sleep I can get sick very quickly. That was because I didn’t get enough sleep. And I’m only 38. So it’s no joke and a lot of people struggle with this area.

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