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I am a side sleeper and have often wondered if there are any problems that can be associated with sleeping on your side. So it is interesting to find that there are several possible issues that one might experience. But it is also great to find that you have some great solutions and suggestions to overcome any problems. 

I certainly want to prevent any unnecessary wrinkles, so will be looking for a special pillow and also silk pillow cases to help me. Thank you for sharing this great guide.  

Jake Devins

Sleeping on your side is pretty common, right? It’s comfy and all, but let’s talk about the real deal. 

You’ve got the classic arm falling asleep, sometimes the awkward neck positions, and don’t even get me started on the occasional numbness. 

But hey, there’s something oddly satisfying about that fetal position. You know how it is. 


It is so good how you shared this post, a co-worker of mine came to work the other day with a stiff neck that he had to go home early and go to the doctor for a shot. All of this happened because of how he slept, it is amazing how many people suffer pains in so many different areas from bad posture when sleeping. Thanks so much for sharing this much-needed information.

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