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Thank you for nice informations about how to prepare ourselves for bedtime. I personally want to know more about sleep disorders, like somebody goes to sleep fast because of tiredness and after 2 hours she’s awake for a long while (even 1 hour) and then it repeats. How can somebody improve this? 


Really interesting article on whether tracking your sleep is worth it! I am one of those 68% of people who used a sleep tracker and changed sleep behaviour because of it. Personally, I found setting a strict time schedule for sleeping extremely helpful. I always try to sleep around 10 PM and wake up around 7 AM and it’s significantly improved my mood and energy.

Stratos K

Hey there! Just read your blog on sleep trackers, and it’s fascinating how many Americans are diving into the trend. I’ve been contemplating getting one myself! The stat that 68% changed their habits based on tracker insights caught my eye. Curious—what changes did you make to your sleep routine after using a tracker? Looking for some inspiration!

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